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It's obvious Behaviour has ZERO idea how to balance Deep Wounds so that it works with both Borrowed Time and The Legion. Patch after patch this status effect gets nerfed to balance either side of the problem until finally Legion is trash tier and Borrowed Time is stupidly overpowered because "gotta make this meme of a debuff balanced for two starkly different mechanics XD"

This latest change is one that no one, LITERALLY NO ONE asked for. I like how, to fix a problem interaction with maybe a grand total of THREE KILLERS (Freddy, Wraith, Ghostface) Behaviour AGAIN reworked Deep Wounds ENTIRELY to be even more worthless as a debuff. Why couldn't these three Killers (only one of which is really "top tier" and could really abuse this design oversight) just keep their ability to counter Borrowed Time instead of gutting the entire debuff?

Please for the love of god just remove Deep Wounds from the game. Borrowed Time is OP, Styptic Agent was pretty much not nerfed at this point, and Legion is a goddamn joke. Revert Borrowed Time to how it worked before and make Styptic work the same way (maybe there would be a reason to run Self Care again) and just make it so that Legion causes people they stab to repair gens slower or something I don't know. At this point the running gag that Legion was only added to buff Borrowed Time is 100% true. I'm a Legion main and I'm starting to hate Legion's existence not because their release was bad or because they're weak or because they're "not fun to play" as / against, but because of the dev's complete incompetence when handling a core feature of this Killer.


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