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The Inferno - Killer

SziosisSziosis Member Posts: 198

Base stats

Height - Tall

Terror Radius - 32m

Movement Speed - 4.6m/s


Ignition - Ignition passively charges. Chasing survivors increases the rate at which Ignition charges. When activated, pallets and vaults will ignite within a 8m zone and the power gauge is depleted. Ignition zones disperse after 30s and pallets remain useable. Upon interacting with burning vaults and pallets, healthy and injured survivors are put into the burned state. The Inferno has increased action speed of 15% when within an Ignition zone or interacting with burning pallets or vaults.

Eternal Flame - While the power gauge is half full, hitting a healthy survivor with a basic attack will inflict a burn. Hitting an injured or burned survivor will put them in the dying state.

Burn status effect has the following properties: Groans of pain are 25% louder. Survivors leave no blood trails. Healing takes 25% longer (Doesn't stack with mangled). While not in a chase, survivors suffer a 5% hindered penalty. Being burned twice doubles each penalty. Being burned a third time puts the survivor in the dying state.


Ultra Rare - Removes the ability to burn survivors with basic attacks. Burned survivors are put in the dying state after being inflicted with a second burn.

Ultra Rare - Tremendous decrease the rate the power gauge is filled. Ignition instantly destroys dropped or undropped pallets.

Very Rare - Considerably increase action speed within an Ignition zone (7%). Moderately increase Ignition zone (4m).

Very Rare - Burned survivors suffer from the blindness effect.

Very Rare - Considerably increases Ignition zone (6m).

Very Rare - Increase base movement speed to 4.8m/s while in an Ignition zone. Slightly increase Ignition zone (2m).

Rare - Survivors bleed when burned and their blood is Considerably more discernible.

All other addons affect values of charge rate, duration of Ignition, action speed in Ignition zones and burn penalties.


Fanning the Flames - Each time you are stunned, gain a token. When a survivor stuns you, their aura is revealed to you for 1s/1.5s/2s per token.

Hex: Scorched Wounds - As long as the Hex Totem remains, healing skill checks become 50% harder and missed skill checks reduce healing progress by 20%/30%/40%.

Engulfing Rage - Kicking a generator calls the Entity to block that generator for 15s. Engulf has a cooldown of 80s/70s/60s.

Let me know what you guys think. I always try to make things fair, but I sometimes overlook things that others spot. Appreciate any and all feedback.


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