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reworkstabbyteensreworkstabbyteens Member Posts: 17
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Since I am fairly new here on the forum I don't know to what extend people have been asking for the same thing but please, for the love of god ,stop with the buff one thing and nerf the other formula. It doesn't work here. Why would you even consider the possibility of making Deep Wounds stop when running? Running is what you are doing freaking 99% of the match! And making Feral Frenzy hits not count as normal? Why? What made you think that perks like STBFL or Franklin's on Legion made him OP or broken? Literally just changing his addons the way you did on the PTB and increasing his movement and vault speed would be fine. Legion is in no way a broken character that needs to be fixed by nerfing one thing and buffing another. What he needs is a direct buff. Either or a solid proper rework. There are ideas a plenty here, I am sure. Even if you don't want to use those you can for sure sit down and do something proper. You fixed Freddy and catapulted him up many tiers. Please do this properly too.

Also reminder that every Deep Wound nerf is an indirect buff to BT which has only been getting better and better with every Legion <<balance change>>.


  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    this is where i'd be really spastic and say you should come by my thread etc. But I give up.

  • reworkstabbyteensreworkstabbyteens Member Posts: 17

    Checked it out. Great stuff, definitelly some great minds on this community and great ideas alike. Shame the devs ignore them. Even if they refuse to acknowledge the reworks suggested by the players, I believe simple proper balance changes could be done just based on the ideas of teh community or even just the problems they mention. A myriad nerfs and 2 buffs is a sad sight and not in way balancing a problematic killer.

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