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WHAT?! A David... Again... Sandbagger...? ME?!

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,782
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OK, David gets hooked, he's face camped by GF, purple and red ranks.

I proceed to unhook him having Purple BT, he gets tunneled, BT hit, I take a hit, GF ignores me, he gets downed, easy chase, hooked again, I go there, GF is still face camping him, I unhook him, again, I had purple BT, he gets tunneled, I take a hit, GF ignores me and he gets hooked again, DEATH.

We other 3 escaped due to the face camping and tunneling letting others do the gens whyle I tried to protect him.

Post game messages:

David: Why the farm Bill?

Me: WHAT?! I had BT!

David: I suck at chases, you shouldn't do unsafe unhooks like those you did even with BT

Me: GF was face camping you! It was either that or you die on 1st hook!

David: The others could've tried to help you know? Distract the killer?

Me: He was into you... Ignored me twice... Tunneled and face camped you... Are you trolling...?

David: Sure... Sandbagger... Oh, and Farmer... Enjoy the report

I didn't answer back

DAMN, people nowdays... LMAO! I didn't get mad, it was pretty funny

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