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Dear devs, What is the reason...



  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 869

    Good point, I think it would work with a more engaging central objective for Survivors though. Like think of it as a game where the survivors aren't actually directly competing with the killer, but instead have to engage with some objective that grows as the game progresses.. like say they had an infinite number of creatures outside of the killer that they could fight, kill, etc. And they have to balance the objective of killing as many of them as they can, receiving points towards level up, special items, whatever to make their time feel well invested and productive. Reward them for playing the survivor role and doing well rather than having it be so dependent on survival as the goal... But of course that's not exactly a possiblity for this game at this point so it's just me making a game up in my mind at this point lol.

  • PickCollinsPickCollins Member Posts: 495

    This. Killers can black pip after a 3K or even a 4K at times. But survivors can die and still pip up. The currrent rank balance of the game is an issue. If the balance philosophy is 2 escapes 2 kills, then the ranking system needs to black pip killers who 2K, pip killers that 3k, and double pip killers that 4k. The current system is not feasible. I've gotten 3k's that follow with "brutal killer" and 2K's that follow with "ruthless killer" and 4k's that result in "entity displeased".

    The ranking system is ######### for killers. So we view the 3K and 4K as our only salvation in this cursed game. Make 2K's a draw in terms of ranking, and then we have a solution. But the balance philosophy cannot be 2-2 if 2-2 is a loss for the killer in terms of ranks.

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