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Rework Legion so he can have a completely new power.

Seriously, it's clear too me BHVR has no idea what they are doing with Legion ATM. Anytime they do something too Deep Wound or Legion it makes him worse and worse, and they keep kicking him when he's already down.

Now you can say "well he got massive buffs this patch, the nerfs are small." and I disagree. He moves 5% faster during Frenzy, which is nice but since it doesn't do anything besides apply a Deep Wound it's nothing. Vaulting speeds are the same way, it's nice but it doesn't mean anything in the end. The buffs too duration are so small they are not worth talking about. The pins are his best change, but the only one that matters is the green pin, and even then the Broken status only lasts 60 seconds, which is usually as long as a chase will last.

His nerfs are the worst part. Deep wound taking less time too mend and not going down while sprinting completely handicaps Legions power. The whole point is for Deep Wound too be a threat, but it never is. It's more of an annoyance that's slowly becoming less and less annoying. Then if that wasn't bad enough, his Frenzy no longer acts as an M1 attack, so perks like Sloppy, Franklin's, or STBFL no longer work on Legion, killing some of his strongest builds, even though there are killer's who power does act like an M1 hit, so the change makes no sense.

Legion needs a complete rework like Freddy, no matter what they do with Legion, he's gonna either be unfun and uncounterable too fight, or he's gonna be unfun and frustrating too play. Deep wound needs too be removed entirely from anything other then Insta heals and BT, having it tied to a killer is the big reason Legion is forever broken. I personally don't know what they would change his power into, and I know some people have made great suggestions too replace his power, but I think we can all agree it needs too go.


  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,528

    No,they need changes to their purple addons .

    Thats it

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 2,489


  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    No they don't. They need a complete rework. Nothing about Legion's power is useful in any way, and with the constant buffs too mending they are easily the worst killer in the game.

  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 70

    I also don't understand that 'Legion' name. I mean, I get it from the lore, but mechanic wise? We just have a killer that has multiple characters as skins. When I first read 'Legion' I thought they're really 'legion', like, I don't know, creating some illusions of themselves and player can't tell which is which until gets hit by the real one. I don't know, just something that would make 'Legion' a... legion. Now he just might be called 'The Runner'.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    The speed buffs make it much easier to apply their power to multiple survivors and make the chases to hit people in his power shorter. They are worth talking about. Try playing Legion and you will notice the difference 100%.

    Nobody went down to Deep Wounds before. Ever. I think I've seen 1 instance ever where somebody somehow went down to the deep wound timer running out. It's purpose is just delaying survivors for a bit. 12 seconds is a decent amount of time still, when compared to the 80 seconds it takes to repair a generator. Being able to keep survivors injured is Legion's specialty, and it's a massive waste of time to heal against them.

    For some reason people commonly thing that Legion's builds involving Sloppy, Franklins, or STBFL are strong builds. Legion's power previously having the m1 effect gave people the excuse to run these mediocre perks on them. The strongest builds for Legion have never used any of those perks.

    I think Legion is actually in an ok spot now with the recent changes. They definitely feel more fun to play than previously. Not the strongest killer, but that's ok. I think you are right in saying buffs/reworks involving deep wounds with him could just make him unfun/uncounterable to play against. I'm having more fun playing him now that pre-patch, and honestly think rather than trying to rework Legion's power, the devs should just put that time into the new killers they are working on.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    I agree that these should be reworked, and that's it. He feels much better to play now with the speed buffs

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    Legion made BT athreat and because it was such a problem BHVR changed BT and Deep Wounds to the point that Legion's power is no threat to a Survivor at all, they might as well not even apply DW.

    They're crippling Legion's ability one patch at a time because it is too strong and this would be ok IF they actually listened to feedback and decreased FF stun time and actually fixed the Pin add-ons instead of the stupid choice they did this time.

    Every time they touch Legion they buff them in one area but cripple them further in another, that's not balance unless the buffs are good enough which they are not for reasons stated above. Legion needs the Devs to actually pay real attention to them instead of the little changes they made this time that feel like they weren't paying attention to the real problems.

    Legion is NOT FINE.

    It is NOT OK to have a 4 second stun time when no other Killer in the game gets that. It is NOT OK to nerf half of a Killer's ability and not buff the other half and I say again this would have been the case if they fixed the stun time which every single Legion player has asked for since day 1 of this inception almost a year ago yet wasn't considered.

    The one change everyone has been begging for was not considered.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    The speed boost does make it easier, but when survivors simply mend in 12 seconds (8 if mended by someone else.) it doesn't mean anything. And I have played Legion, I've been playing them since the patch and they are so much worse then before.

    The fact people never went down too Deep Wounds proves how useless it really was, even when it was made too "delay" the game. I had too run double blade addons before they were nerfed just too make it take longer and actually delay gen speeds.

    Sloppy, STBFL, and Franklin's are not Mediocre perks. You could Argue that Franklin's is niche, but it def isn't mediocre. Sloppy + Thana was the core of Legion, and what made him a threat, now you can't even apply Sloppy at any good rate, and you'll never get STBFL stacks because of how his power works.

    Legion is honestly worst then Leatherface IMO. His power is neigh useless unless fighting 4 Blendettes, the Deep Wound timer is a completey hinders Legion, the vault speed and movement speed is nice, but they are completely outweigh by the constant nerfs they make too him. He needs a complete rework in order too be something actually good.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    The strength of Legion isn't really from the deep wounds. It's from how easy it is to put people in the injured state. That's why it's always been completely pointless to run Sloppy on Legion, in red ranks at least. Survivors don't waste time healing against Legion because it's pointless. Sloppy is just a mediocre perk in general, on any killer.

    STBFL has always been pretty mediocre on Legion as well. Sure you gained stacks easily, but you get no use out of the perk at all if everybody is already injured. It's a strong perk on M1 killers that rely on hitting survivors twice with their basic attack, which Legion should almost never be doing. Legion can not utilize STBFL as well as Pig or Demogorgon can. If anything, it's better on Legion now that you don't lose stacks by hitting your Obsession with your ability. Still a bad perk to run on Legion, though.

    Franklin's is always mediocre in my opinion. You make someone drop an item and they are just going to go back and pick it up when they aren't in a chase with you. There's sooooo many other perks I would have take that perk slot over Franklins

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    Just because you get one free hit with Legion doesn't mean he's strong. If that was the case Plague would be SS tier. Legion still has too chase a survivor down once they are injured, which can cost you a lot if you get tunnel vision. And without sloppy survivors don't stay in the injured state so you'll spend most of the game injuring everyone, hooking one person, then injuring everyone again because they all healed and already did half a gen.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    Sorry, I didn't mean that made him a strong killer. I meant that is his strength, like what he's good at doing. I definitely feel like Legion and Plague are pretty even when it comes to how their games play out. It's usually everybody is injured and you're a 1 hit M1 killer for the rest of the game. Except plague denies their stealth because of how loud vomiting is.

    But yeah, if everybody heals then they usually get some of a gen done after you have finished a chase and gotten a hook. Most my games I play as Legion people don't heal and just work on gens while I'm in a chase. But, that's how the game goes for most all of the killers. People work on gens while you are chasing someone.

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