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Balanced Landing Got A Nerf. Guess What It Needs Now...

DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 1,308

That's right, Balanced Landing now needs a buff or rework.

With the recent release of the Cursed Legacy chapter, Balanced Landing was changed to no longer provide the stagger reduction when exhausted. With that nerf came the "buff" of it also removing the noises made when falling, and the grunt when landing.

The clear thing is that the nerf heavily outweighs the buff. Balanced Landing is now the worst exhaustion perk in the game and generally just a bad perk overall. The perk is straight up useless in almost every scenario, especially on maps with little elevated surfaces.

Now that the nerf is officially in place, it needs a sort of reverse. I'm thinking that the perk should give the stagger reduction and remove the noises made when falling, but the exhaustion aspect of the perk should be completely removed, making the two extra parts act as passive perks rather than active perks with the exhaustion portion. It is Balanced Landing after all, not Elevated Sprint Burst.

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