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Dramatic but this is how I feel now...

UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535
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@Almo @Peanits @not_Queen @MandyTalk @Gay Myers (Luzi) (Community Managers, Rely this to the Devs. Not blaming the community managers at all. Just tell the Devs what they have done.)

I can't believe you did it. Good job. You have successfully made me lose all faith in BHVR and any hope that you listened to your community. All of this feed back and what do we get? The Deep Wound Changes... the Legion getting all that taken from them with just some movement speed to try and make up for it... even the Oni nerf in a small way, since you gave him no time to settle in like you said you would. Giving Legion the movement speed while removing all threat of Deep Wound... what? It's like you are giving us maggots to eat and expecting us to be happy cause "At least it's something." Are we supposed to be happy about the movement speed cause "At least it's something"? All these "Buffs" are just nerfs you slapped on Legion for no reason and are reverting. The Add-on changes are negligible.

Survivors can get hit with Feral Frenzy and just run around. Something that is supposed to be them bleeding out from a wound deep enough they have to put pressure on it to stop the bleeding... and they can run around no problem. Survivors run around anyway in matches so this is literally harmless, it's basically a free health state. You didn't even reduce Deep Wound Timer, You didn't even revert the reduction to mend times... You made Legion even weaker, cause none of you know how to handle their power or the Deep Wound mechanic which was flawed to begin with. You couldn't just replace Deep Wound. No, you just made Legion's power literally a punishment to ever use. You made walking after people and M1ing the best strategy.

So yea.... You did it. You made me give up. You killed The Fanatical Legion Main. Congratulations. I no longer want to play. I no longer want to support this game at all.

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