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Demigorgan Hard to Blind

There’s a problem with the Demigorgan where you can’t blind him with a flashlight when he’s breaking a pallet, this still happens with the Hag too


  • calvinvaleriancalvinvalerian Member Posts: 43
    edited December 2019

    You might wanna try using OLD BULB & HIGH-END SAPPHIRE LENS

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  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 361

    You can't blind a "eyeless" killer? Wouldn't surprise me if it were intentional!

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,530

    Well, his head is also moving alot, same with hag

  • SeanLeo97SeanLeo97 Member Posts: 52

    They both look down when they break pallets, Demigorgan also looks down while vaulting Windows

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