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This community is great.

FARTNUGGETFARTNUGGET Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 8

I got in a match as Clown just to try something new. So the survivors brought a flashlight, an instant heal med kit, and 2 keys. And they also brought a Haddonfield map offering. Needless to say, i got looped and gen rushed. No matter who I would chase I would get looped. The last gen popped. And I used my NOED. Apparently, It was enough to let me 4k. These absolute units were whining about NOED being OP. They didn't even take the time to cleanse totems. This was rank 8 by the way. People need to stop whining and start actually countering OP things. Keys, instant heals, and overpowered survivor perks on the other hand. What am I supposed to do if the person gets unhooked by the gate and has DS? I can't just break totems to counter that. What I'm saying is, even though there are things that are hard to play against, survivors have it pretty good.


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