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Petition for a Compromise regarding the withdrawal of the 4 event cosmetics.

Dear community,

As you probably know, update 3.4.0 was supposed to come with a whole bunch of exclusive cosmetics including 4 very special cosmetics : The Huntress' Hound Mask / David King's New Year Donkey / Kate Denson's Free Song Bird Top / Hillbilly's Pro-pain Hammer.

2 of these cosmetics were from the Howling Grounds Lunar New Year event.

2 of these cosmetics were from the Summer BBQ event.

As of the release of update 3.4.0, the devs have decided to withdraw these 4 cosmetics from the batch they were giving us for free because the players that earned them fair and square during the event didn't feel satisfied that they would just be given for free to everyone (which is TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE). I would have done the same.

I am however disappointed to not be able to get these cosmetics. I have been following this game since shortly before the Halloween Chapter came out (I discovered the game on YouTube). At the time, my computer was an Acer Aspire V5 (try to run DBD on that !). Furthermore, I didn't have the necessary revenues to afford Dead By Daylight or any of its content.

Still, I was following the game because I felt like it deserved to grow (and look where its come).

I was up all night to see the 10 000 000 th coin added to the counter for Feng Min's New Year polo and I was so happy that the player base at that time had teamed up to earn something together !

I personally think that some of us who didn't get the cosmetics deserve them as well as the players who put all their efforts in the game at the time of the events.

This is why I came up with this COMPROMISE :

When update 2.0.0 released, the devs opened the in-game Store, allowing us to buy cosmetics and DLCs for Auric Cells or Iridescent Shards. Their goal (and you can check back their 2.0.0 dev stream on YouTube) was to make sure that there was a way for players to grind points to access content rather than making everything cost money. However, they were aware that some people weren't into grinding points and they made everything affordable for real money as well to give you the choice (Farm or Pay).

As of today, most of the events cosmetics are available in the in-game Store (Hallowed Blight, Hallowed Catalyst, Moonrise, Ugly Sweaters (wasn't an event but the sweaters were seasonal outfits) and even the All Hallow's Eve event included the nurse's pumpkin head cosmetic that was handed out for free).

WHAT I WANT (and probably others) : I would like the 4 withdrawed cosmetics to be in the in-game Store, in accordance to what the devs intended to do with their game in the 2.0.0 update. Of course, to be FAIR : I would also like all these cosmetics to be worth Auric Cells ONLY (as the other events cosmetics are).

Please, if you feel like this compromise is worth it, rate this post up. It would help me a lot :'D

Let us all keep the game fair and give everyone even chances of obtaining what others achieved in the past. Even if we are late to these events, us joining the game (and I've only been playing since June 2019) means that we are also contributing to the player base growth and we shouldn't be left aside.

Hear us out !

If you've been reading all the way, congratulations and thank you !

Best Regards,




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