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Spirit Halloween costume gives frame drops

NeskaNeska Member Posts: 132

Everytime I face a hallowed blight wearing spirit I go from my solid 60 fps to a 30-40 fps throughout the game. It's so frustrating to play. Please fix that


  • calvinvaleriancalvinvalerian Member Posts: 43

    @Neska the real problem is... the game engine itself unable to utilize full CPU power.

    With my Intel Core i5 2500, I check the task manager and the game only using approximately 80%-95% of my CPU inconsistently and for GPU just around 45% capacity of my GTX 1060 (6GB).

    Big difference when I tried to benchmark this other game called "Destiny 2", I got the CPU maxed out at 100%.

    The issue you're dealing with might not get fixed in near future because to be as good as Destiny 2 game performance will require the owner of DBD to establish partnership with Bungie to let them migrate all game components to Tiger Engine.

    The best thing you can do right now is to upgrade your CPU to Intel Core i7 or better. That is what I know is stable to run Dead by Daylight throughout my whole experience upgrading gaming rigs.

    Hope this helps.

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