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Hey devs

How about before you release a patch because you wanna make more money, you fix your [BAD WORD] bugs that ruin the game to the point of unplayability that you HAVE KNOWN ABOUT FOR A WHILE NOW.

Nah, gotta release the game because you have a greed greater than [BAD WORD] EA, [BAD WORD] the state of your game, [BAD WORD] the voices of your community.

Nah nah nah, ship the game with a no wiggle bar if another survivor is in the terror radius when you get picked up you can't wiggle, WHEN A NEW PERK COMES OUT ENCOuRAGING PEOPLE TO BE WITHIN THE TERROR RADIUS.

OR the basement glitch, where, if you go down and get put in the basement YOU DON'T GET TO SEE ANYMORE.

The state the devs shipped this game in is unacceptable by any standards.



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