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Why Is This Game So Buggy?

Is there something about the game (coding, asymmetric gameplay, servers, BHVR, etc.) that makes this game particularly prone to bugs? I’ve never played a game before that had the a reputation for game-breaking glitches quite like this one.

I love this game dearly, but the amount of bugs (and slow response time) patch after patch are starting to wear me out.


  • Horror_GamingHorror_Gaming Member Posts: 242

    The basement needs to be blocked off until the bug is fixed. You are unable to play and have no choice but to DC.

  • fahad0595fahad0595 Member Posts: 57

    it is so annoying, made me stop playing this game. first of all sometimes you cant wiggle so you basically sandbag the teammates who tries to bodyblock for you. and yes let's not speak about the basement....

  • EleghostEleghost Member Posts: 817

    I think it's a lack of proper testing the last minute adjustments made. Still it's not an excuse for some bugs that happen constantly like the basement bug to make it through.

  • concious_consumerconcious_consumer Member Posts: 282

    Lack of competition is never a good thing. They just rush things out to sell them and then repeat the whole process. There are many games which would take care of critical bugs at patch day, overnight but they need to take into account that they could lose players. DBD is too niche and unique.

    To me it got really obvious that they need to skip few "chapters" and focus all manpower on bug fixes until it will really get to the point where the code will start to replicate and give birth to spaghetti babies that gonna take over the whole planet

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,459

    i don't know what the basement bug is(is it that you fell out of the world can't do anything?)

    but what about the killer getting stuck to the gen after kicking it and what funny this only happens on steam/PC not PS4.how is there a bug on PC ver that PS4 don't have?

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