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Q&A: Chapter 14 and 3.4.0

PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,677

It's Q&A time again! If you have any questions about this most recent update, feel free to ask them below. We'll take some of the best questions and answer them live on stream.


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  • MaestrøMaestrø Member Posts: 1

    With Yui's Breakout released, and as situational and easy to counter as it is, would you still be monitoring it for any changes?

  • MasusderMasusder Member Posts: 39

    Why you changed how rank reset works, now it's just too easy to stay on high ranks. Are we going to get some future changes with ranking system?

  • MooncubusMooncubus Member Posts: 30

    Will you look into reworking the new map? It is really really really not fun playing Oni on it.

  • Yuzu_chanYuzu_chan Member Posts: 7

    Do you have anything planned for changing oni, or will he stay like he is for a while? I see alot of people saying that he's OP, and alot of people saying he's Trash... I'm just concerned about a repeat of freddy back then...

    Also, doesn't fit the topic, but eh...

    Bunny Feng Min when? c: We really want it c:

  • iiKatediiKated Member Posts: 2

    Will there be cosmetics coming out in solidarity for Yui's "iconic pink garb".

    Cowgirl Kate, when?

    What can we expect for balancing the hitboxes now that dedicated servers seem more stable?

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 1,429

    As someone who Achievement hunts consistently, can you please explain why you come up with achievements that encourage sub-optimal play? The new one that requires you to specifically take hits while the killer is carrying something is frustrating for killers because you’re perceived as being a dick, and is frustrating for survivors since it looks like you’re giving the killer free hits. It’s way better than taking one for the team, especially since it’s only 30, but it still feels scummy to work on it since I know I’m hurting the team and the killer’s experience by doing it.

  • BadassLaurieBadassLaurie Member Posts: 27

    Question: If Oni would collect Spirit's blood orb if let's say she would bleed and he would somehow see her in the fog, would he gain some additional bonuses to his power?. Rin's anger is pretty powerful so maybe?

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 750

    Is it important to the DBD team that all killers are viable and fun to play as and against? If so, any plans to make legion the least bit viable or if not just remove him and offer refunds?

    Is it important to the DBD team that all killers are playable on all platforms? You fixed this problem with the nurse by making her useless on all platforms but Oni for example is much less affective on console than it is PC.

  • DaimyoHeligoDaimyoHeligo Member Posts: 2

    It's somewhat relevant as it involves the cosmetics released in the update. While I understand the logic of holding off on not releasing the event cosmetics such as the Hound mask. However have you considered the option to at least purchase the items? Because at least then the players who don't have them (such as myself) have the option of either paying or not getting them. I only ask this as you seem to be doing that with the items from the past two events now.

  • VenoxxieVenoxxie Member Posts: 300

    I don't want to sound rude but this happens almost every new killer. Why do new killers tend to be overpowered upon release and are then usually nerfed within the next few months (sounds like a money grab), why not spend more time on them in the first place to balance better?

    Recent example being Oni's rage mode making him better than Billy (just my opinion) due to the amount of control not to mention the blood orbs stay on the map for a long time (if not permanently) and they even spawn under people who are hooked, making it so he can easily activate rage mode whenever he wants.

  • FoxikiFoxiki Member Posts: 6

    Is Oni balanced for the game in your opinion?

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