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Discussion about 3.4.0 and Cursed Legacy

Spooky13Spooky13 Member Posts: 920
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Now that 3.4.0 has been out for a while, let's discuss the good, bad, and the ugly.

The Good

The Oni and Yui Kimura: Oni and Yui have great lore, Oni is a strong and fun to play killer, coming from a console player, he isn't as bad as everyone says he is, and both sides got some alright perks.

Perk QoL changes: Kindred and No One Left Behind got some great QoL changes, making them much better for solo queue and survivors in general.

The Bad

Sanctum of Wrath: The new map isn't all that great. It is extremely dark, and the entire map is covered in bushes, shrubs, and bamboo. Blendettes and Ghostfaces will love this map, everyone else will hate it.

The Ugly

Legion: Legion has been completely gutted, removing any viability and slowdown they had left. Feral Frenzy is now more of a detriment to Legion than survivors. Please rework Legion at this point.

Bugs: Hoo boy, the amount of bugs in this new update is crazy. The Basement Shadow Realm, not being able to wiggle have made survivor really hard to play for the last few days, and the various audio bugs as killer have also made things more difficult. Thankfully, the fix has already rolled out for PC and Switch, with Xbox and PS4 following suit.

That's about it. Legion is deader than ever, Oni is really fun, Yui is a cutie, the new map isn't good, and there were more bugs than you could shake a stick at. Let me know what you think of 3.4.0 or the Cursed Legacy chapter in general.

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  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535
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    Let's hope they look at this. Legion needs a complete rework and a removal of Deep Wounds from their power. Without a doubt, more now than ever. The changes done to Legion legit made me uninstall the game and lose all faith in BHVR.

  • MedicSpirit7MedicSpirit7 Member Posts: 382

    Dude he is so clunky on console tho

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,111

    "Both sides got some alright perks."

    Yeah ok, good joke.

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