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Am I the only one seeing a severe lack of Oni's?



  • DarthRaneDarthRane Member Posts: 198
    edited December 2019

    His power is only good for closing distance on big open maps, after that he's an M1 killer. To top it off they reduced how easy it is to get his power, I've literally had survivors just run to the left or right when I'm charging causing me to do one of 2 things, stop early so I don't go past them or keep going miss and go back to regular chase.

    Oh and it's a royal pain to hit with the club because of lack of turning and it messes with the camera angle. Literally all you need to do most of the time is run directly at him and keep going around him done this probably about 30 times already. Why play a killer if he's basically just going to be an M1 character, I'd rather play hag, plague, clown, Freddy or huntressat least there abilities are ACTUALLY useful

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,791

    Lucky; in Australia he is the killer almost every game at red rank and every game it's minimum a 3k. He's an uncounterable mess if the player understands the power.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,829
    edited December 2019

    If he really is an uncounterble mess then the inevitable nerf is coming.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,848

    I personally see him in what feels like between 1/3 and 1/4 games, rank 1-2 and they're mostly red rank players too.

    On consoles I've heard he's a mess to play with performance issues and such though, so I'd imagine he's extra rare there.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,275

    It's also possible that the timing of the release is partially at fault. In the states he released a few days after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. People might just not have the money at the moment to buy the new chapter.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 8,002

    I see him constantly on ps4 at rank 1

  • terumisanterumisan Member Posts: 1,293
    edited December 2019

    I play on ps4 also and I don't have much trouble controlling him outside of turning corners in chase he just plays like if your learning how to drift without add-ons with Billy tbh

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,791

    Yes, most definitely. But not until the mid chapter in 6 weeks. For now, red ranks will be dominated/more homogeneous than before as a result.

  • Jed_OlsenJed_Olsen Member Posts: 256

    I've Oni seen a few myself

  • FabVFabV Member Posts: 173

    Here in the yellow rank realm of potato survivors, I've seen a bunch of Onis, like every 3 matches.

  • Alice_pbgAlice_pbg Member Posts: 5,066

    Also ps4, I see him every other game. Red ranks

  • NumB_16NumB_16 Member Posts: 78

    All the nerfs he got were needed and he's still very strong

  • TooKoolFoUTooKoolFoU Member Posts: 378

    I’ve seen 3 so far. Since Tuesday. They all camped and tunneled. So I started playing killer Oni for the rest of the week. The other few killers I saw was a plague (who was actually good) and a dumb bubba

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,871

    I’ve seen many.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    The DLC just came out 2 days ago and a lot of people don't want to spend money on the chapter / don't have the shards yet to purchase him. I haven't used him much because I haven't gotten BBQ on him yet. I can get more BPs to level Oni up faster by playing other killers.

  • VaoVao Member Posts: 25

    It's because people like me go from Rank 4 to Rank 7 after playing him because it's impossible to get hits on ps4. I regret buying him first and not yui. I'm hoping the devs make him a bit easier to control in console.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    They did a great job with the nerfs from the PTB. They hit all the areas that made him feel uncounterable, I feel. He's still very strong, but much more difficult to use than he was. I'd say he's probably in the top 5 strongest killers, around the same level as Billy

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    Why were the nerfs to his flick needed? Why were the nerfs to his duration needed?

  • ruler33ruler33 Member Posts: 244
    edited December 2019

    im an oni main now i literally only play him purple ranks right now usually rank 1 though just the fact of learning a new killer right now and having only a couple decent perks on him is stopping me from getting to red ranks i forgot to say im on console btw

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 13,317

    Didn't buy him, have no plans to until console is = PC.

  • ZenderZender Member Posts: 170

    Rank 1 survivor, got an Oni 5/5 games day of release now it’s more like 33% of games.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,889
    edited December 2019

    The only reason I know there's a new Oni character is because I bought him (with shards) and played as him a few times.

    There were a few survivor matches where I saw a giant guy zooming around the map like a fiery hamster ball, but it's hard to call him a killer when he's more like background noise to gen repair work.

  • LordEmrichLordEmrich Member Posts: 258

    I played him once and got 3k. I was on The Game so couldn't effectively test his control but he was pretty good. He'll probably be one of my "I'm tired of easy Wraith/Nightmare/Clown wins so I'll play with this Killer now" Killers.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    I bought him with shards, and only reason I'm not playing him more is just out of BP grinding. I wanna equip him with better perks before REALLY using him, and since I dont have BBQ on him yet, its just easier to get BPs on other killers atm.

  • NumB_16NumB_16 Member Posts: 78

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO3_0OFm-Gw&t=1567 Flick needed nerfs to not be able to do 180º flicks aroud sharp corners like that one. You can still do 90º degrees wich is pretty strong. There was no nerf to his power duration

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    he is a bad killer, I mean he has NO POWER until he M1's a person and then farms them for blood pretty much, and in his power if you pick up a survivor you lose it and have to re-farm so that means he is made to be a slugging style like killer since that is the most effective way to use him. problem with slugging is that you don't pip that much and you don't get that much BP

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,948

    Yesterday, red ranks, xbox, bill main, 12/12 games vs Oni... It was actually pretty annoying... Don't get me wrong, it was great the first 4 times in a row... But dude... even getting to play on the same 2 maps...

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768
    edited December 2019

    There was a nerf to his power duration. In exchange for no loss of CD after picking someone up. So you still loose your ability when picking someone up, but now you got less uptime of your ability when you try to snowball.

    EDIT: Just saw the video was from tofu. He got no clue of balance imo.

  • Personally, I think the reason we've been seeing very small bits of oni is because of his skillcap. He doesn't really provide a challenging experience to users that rewards them for great showings of skill. He doesn't have things like cross-map hatchets, perfectly predicted blinks, or chainsaw curves.

    He's strong, no doubt. But you only need an hour or two to experience what is very close to his full potential. There's no getting better with trap placements with this killer. You hit, suck up blood, blood rage, run around and insta down people. There's no great amount of skill. There's a reason people play killers like Nurse, Huntress, Hag, and Trapper with such devotion. Their possibilities are engaging, and seeing the fruit of your effort is a good feeling. You don't get that with demo, oni, ghostface, plague.

    We haven't gotten a killer with a truly high skillcap killer since arguably huntress (I might be missing one here). This is where we are seeing the game become stale.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    Every game I played yesterday as survivor were against Oni. In the red ranks on PC.

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