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Love the devs..but it really gets frustrating when they go quiet

It just sucks that sometimes when an issue arises the devs dont want to comment on it much...Thanataphobia getting its long overdue buff canceled (thanks old legion) plague back when she was considered a total flop, ghost face after his hot fix change (hes still feeling the sting on that a bit) dying light despite a ton of feedback over how..frankly horrible it is..And the most recent and perhaps most aggravating one..the nurse "change" to her base kit ..we were told to wait and see on many of these ocassions..and it was never spoken about again without coaxing from the community.

As I said I love this game..the dev team is improving but there are still decisions that remain very questionable..and this is honestly just a massive pet peeve of mine when it comes to them..At the very least a simple explanation that they understand but want to wait and see a bit is better than seeing basically nothing getting said at all. Because the less they say on these specific kinds of subjects gives the feeling they are taken less seriously than the posts around that rank viewing bug they removed which while many people liked it..was going to bring more harm than good..devs have responded to several of those no problem..I just cant seem to figure out what their thought process is when they do this.


  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 726
    edited December 2019

    @immortalls96 are you ok?

    Thana dont need buff (because it has its niche like legion, plague,certain freddy build)

    plague and GF are in good spot atm (well im kinda ify about players that play him like myers and stalk you on your face)

    dying light what kind of feedback you mean? its great perk and its one of best perk rework they made, if anything i would rather make so thana, dying light and other % slowdown dont stack with each other so forever freddy wont be a thing

    about nurse rework i love it, it made playing her more punishable for bad players(base kit) and omega + 3 blink nurses are dead and thats great

    maybe they dont listen to that feedback because they know its just whiny feedback?

    @se05239 if you think they dont care what do you even do here? btw majority of ppl here dont know how is it to play on other side and there is other chunk of ppl that believes in everything their fav streamer tells and youre telling me devs should make sth just because (for example) 2k ppl took some words from streamer as given without using brain and are spreading that

    OFC they made many questionable decisions (like giving away those skins) but pretty much always some ppl will be happy some will be upset, when you use argument "they pushed update with gamebreaking bug" at 1st they fixed it pretty soon, 2nd you dont want to see sh.. storm when they wouldnt launch dlc

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652

    Lol I'm ok..but you not only failed to understand what I was saying but you were wrong on..about half of what you said to boot..

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 4,090

    Overall you are right but your examples are questionable? Tanatophobia is actually decent and dont needs a buff, it was literaly to strong in the ptb. Dying Light is a cool and balanced perk, since the penalty is forever in the game per hook a number increase could cause a whole meta change.

    But besides that, you are right, the Legion update with the endgame collaps, they didnt listen at the feedback at all. Same goes to nurse nerf.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    You're damn right about that I believe that they don't care. They've not listened to the community properly in a looong time.

    As for why am I here? I am passionate about this game and I've been here (not technically here on the forum) since the release of the game.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652

    Thana is weak alone and dying light is horrible for the cost...If it's so good why is it borderline never used?...

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 4,090


    Tanatobhobia is really good on Legion even without sloppy. Aswell on nurse, freddy, spirit, trapper with bloody coil, plague and even on wraith. Killers that can manage to get alot of easy free hits. Its just not that popular because you have a perks that are better, called meta perks. But only because of that that doesnt mean tana needs a buff.

    Same goes to dying light, I see dying light on some killers such as plague, freddy and legion. Again this perk is decent and is just getting outclassd by meta perks. But I see both of these perks atleast 1-2 times per day. Compared to other perks its much xD

  • TKTKTKTK Member Posts: 943
    edited December 2019

    I just hope are actually working on game health like they said they would and are finding a way for the sounds to stay consistent and like they were before they did the unreal engine upgrade. Survivor footsteps are muted again when they run behind a wall. Either they are doing it on purpose cause this is happening too many times or spaghetti code is really just that bad.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 13,225

    Thana does need a buff. It's numbers are simply bad.

    Dying Light is a garbage perk on its own. The Obsession should not get any bonus nor should the effect be canceled when they die.

    Base Plague and base GhostFace are not good. They can both have their powers completely denied by Survivors, not fun.

    Almost everyone agreed Nurse's omega blink and 5 blink add-ons needed to go. Nobody asked for a basekit nerf that killed any map pressure she had.

    Not to mention nobody asked for Legion to be nerfed, again.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 2,211

    They haven't been quiet though.

    Just because they don't address every complaint or worry or issue someone may have doesn't mean they are being quiet. They can't get to everything so they address what they can and what they think is most important.

    They don't always make the best choice but at least they are trying.

    You regular these forums enough to know this to be true.

  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 726

    @Pulsar they cant buff thana and dying light because ppl stacks them, if they would ever buff them that would mean they would have to make them unable to stack (bigger % slowdown only counts)

    base plague and GF are good xd (maybe plague could get apple build in)

    about denying power i can tell for some ppl not cleansing is bad, sory but perma 1shot and way easier job with finding survs is big payback and btw i tried to do achievement (hook surv when other survs are injured) and tried to do that on plague (because i was expecting ppl not to cleanse) and they cleansed like monkeys (red ranks btw) in 6th game ppl didnt cleansed

    and about GF and denying power hmmm im kinda done with after GF face stalk you like myers because he resets your revealing him in like 0,2sec xd + GF is getting info where is surv that saw him, so imo your opinion about denying his power is kinda missed

    basekit nurse i can kinda agree basekit nurse wasnt as needed but even now after nerf she is far top 1 killer xd change my mind and if you tell me less ppl play her its because most ppl played her because they used 3rd blink, omega or just feel too punished for missing blinks, so its like oh no they overnerfed her now from TOP 1 killer she hmmm still is TOP 1 xd

    about legion nerf speed buff is compensating mending, sloppy not working on his power maybe youre not into it but ITS POWER ATTACK and m1 perks shouldnt work with powers xd, and if you tell me STBFL i never saw legion runs STBFL and im pretty sure there is 1 or 2 streamers that are talking about that and their fans are taking that as given (because saving 0,8sec after downing surv matter xd)

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652

    What I know is some topics they'll address time and time again..nurse posts have little to no dev replies..I only know of one and it wasnt even an answer really

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