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A couple of QoL improvements that would make Legion a lot better. Devs, Please Read.

LentoroLentoro Member Posts: 86
edited December 2019 in General Discussions

Hello, people of the fog. In the recent update The Legion has recieved a couple of nice changes but I still feel that there is still more room for improvement. So here's my suggested changes. I feel that theese changes would make The Legion a lot stronger than he is currently while simultaneously making him more fun to play as. There is no need for ALL of theese changes to be implemented, but I feel that The Legion needs at least some of them, if not all.

feral frenzy

  • Increased movement speed from 5.2 m/s to 5.28 m/s
  • Reduced fatuige time after frenzy from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Now can be activated when the power gauge is filled by 50% or more
  • Missing an attack in Feral Frenzy will remove 50% of the remainder of the power gauge
  • Hitting a survivor who is already afflicted with deep wounds will significantly shorten The Legion's fatuige
  • Frenzy power gauge is no longer reduced when landing an attack outside of Frenzy

Deep Wounds

  • While suffering from deep wounds survivors cannot heal, repair, sabotage, search or cleanse until they mend
  • Mending is now considered a healing action
  • Mending now has skillcheks. If a survivor misses a skillcheck a portion of their deep wound timer is removed and their mending progress is reset.

Add-on Changes

  • Julie's Mixtape: Slightly decresed the amount of power gauge lost when missing an attack in Feral Frenzy.
  • Joey's Mixtape: Moderately decresed the amount of power gauge lost when missing an attack in Feral Frenzy.
  • Frank's Mixtape: Considerably decresed the amount of power gauge lost when missing an attack in Feral Frenzy.
  • Cold Dirt: Considerably desrease The Legion's terror radius while not in Feral Frenzy. Considerably increase The Legion's terror radius while in Feral Frenzy.
  • Stab Wounds Study: Moderatly increases the ods of triggering a skill check while mending. Mending skillchecks' success zones are considerably reduced.

Let me know what you thing about my suggested changes. If you yourself have anything to add I would love to hear your suggestions. :)

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