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Legion is fine? (Conclusion off of one game)

I think legion is fine. I played one game as him for a daily the other day. I run ruin 2, that nurse perk that slows down progress more as people are injured, pgtw, and nurses calling. I doubled piped, 4k’d, 4 iridescents emblems, and remained at rank 1. I played him the same as I did when he first got his major changes done months ago. Legion is still useful. Deep wound is a slow down mechanic. Use it as that and use that to your advantage. The results from that one game are similar to the results I’ve had with him in the past. I don’t mind changes to legion to make him a better killer, but I don’t think it should be forced all because he got some small nerfs to prevent him becoming old legion.

i am curious of what your thoughts are as a community because most post are just angry people ranting. So what’s the juice? (Don’t be rude)


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