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PSA to Survivors: Legion can't down you with Feral Frenzy

They also have to give themselves a 4 second stun when they exit their power.

By using their power they are giving you a free pallet stun, so don't waste an actual pallet while they're Frenzying.

The Legion is the only one who benefits from dropped pallets. They can fast vault them if they're dropped early and if you stun them you break them out of their power with a shorter than average stun and make them more dangerous.

If the Legion is using Spirit Fury you can give them an almost instant down by dropping a pallet on them if they hit you through the pallet.

Stop giving Legions free kills. It just gives people ammo to say, "Well they're not that bad, I 4k'ed 120 games in a row at Rank 1!" and is no doubt at least part of why their kill rate is higher than Huntress and Nurse at Red Ranks.

Weak Killers with obvious counterplay should have people use that counterplay so the Killer can get changed for the better without people saying "But they're fine!"

Please Survivors, start doing this and start telling your friends to do this.

People deserve the truth of how much of a joke Feral Frenzy actually is.

(Sorry fellow Legionnaires, but this is necessary for a better future. Things have to get worse before they get better.)

If anyone has any other anti-Legion tips or tricks they see most Survivors not noticing, share them here.


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