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Killers shadows

Is there any plans to fix them lol, I know it's not important but it just seems weird to see huntresses head fall to the ground on her shadow. Again I know it's not a important thing, please don't attack me.


  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    I recently discovered how jank Demogorgon's shadow is. It was funny

  • Mikey4HireMikey4Hire Member Posts: 270

    I think clown has a weird shadow, idk I haven't played him in awhile

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 1,961
    edited December 2021

    Are shadows really bugged this long?

    I just noticed that some shadows seem to not move at all while walking (Nemesis) and Myers has a very weird arm shadow.

  • TheShapesMixtapeTheShapesMixtape Member Posts: 3,177
    edited December 2021

    I can't believe it's been an issue for this long. I personally think it's important because it's immersion breaking. Imagine you play your first match and then you see micheal myers has a dislocated arm. Inexcusable.

    Literally all i've wanted them to do is disable killer shadows.

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 1,961

    No, don´t disable them - i like shadows. But please fix them.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,125

    I never noticed that, but the chases occupy that much of my attention. Lol.

    Could be that the shadows are based on the distorted first person models of the killers? There is an out of bounds video that explains how most killer 1st person models are bend backwards or have the torso moved a foot / 30cm back, to give you the fov that you are used to. Its pretty interesting.

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 1,961

    Didn´t know that, could be the reason. Now that i know i always look at the shadows... Myers arm is really strange.

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