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Legion buff / rework (Post 3.4 UPDATE)

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Ok, so instead of making a new thread I'm just updating my old one with my opinions on the changes for legion. Overall, I think that the mentality BHVR has approached legion with is the right one, but I do think the execution could still use some improvement. Basically, while I can only guess their mentality, it seems they're looking to buff the active use of Legion's power while nerfing the passive part (mending) that survivors dislike. I think this is overall a smart angle to approach with to both make the killer less annoying but more effective. The problem I see, is that the active buffs are not substantial enough and do not tackle some important problems the killer faces. I see the following changes as something that would both aid the killer in hitting the balancing sweet spot bhvr seems to be aiming for lately, while not compromising the improvements BHVR are making to the overall design. Furthermore, they're mainly slight changes to the effects of the character's ability that wouldn't require some sort of expensive large scale redesign like many request.

Frenzy run speed increase - I think the run speed being increased for the sake of map coverage would be better than duration. The main reason being I think duration should be kept short to keep the time constraint on him once he gets there to line up his shot fast and land it, since that pressure is one of the few things that help the character have some counterplay. I would have actually preferred vault speed have stayed the same since looping was semi viable in certain scenario for running out the clock and giving him a more significant speed boost. But with the current design, I'd say 5.8 would be reasonable.

Pin rework - Love the changes you guys made, but I do feel that they could use a bit more. Having them apply on all frenzy hits would help tremendously with them being useful since as it stands now they're only useful if you chain a minimum of 3 hits (None of the ailments are useful if your chase ends on the 2nd target), which can be situational based on the map and just your overall luck. This would grant them a more consistently useful return without being crazy. I'd also like to see the broken status be changed out for oblivious, since as legion you generally want people to be wasting time healing, so this one seems counter productive for the most part.

stab wound rework - So as they stand, legion's purple tier is worthless and these add ons are significantly worse than the others. With the deep wounds change, halving the time you have to mend on stab wound is actually a decent design, basically makes it incredibly bad to do anything but mend even for the shortest of time.

Franks mixtape- could be a mixed up version of a detection add on, shrinking your TR by 8 meters but expanding your detection range out 16 meters. Basically meaning at base TR (no perks) you have 24m TR with 40m detection. The numbers could be tweaked, but it would be a nice remix of the susie's mix tape vein of add ons

Fuming Mix Tape - While not trash, the current rendition of this add on is mostly useless as legion is not a gen protecting character as much as he is a chase based slow down killer. Tied to his current ability it is just not useful, even by UR standards. So what if for this one, in the vein of wacky UR add ons that aren't god tier but are interesting, we made it do a few things. First off, 6.5 m/s on feral frenzy. Upon hitting somebody you have a map wide TR for 5 seconds (time can be adjusted for balancing), and then you lose your TR entirely. This would turn it into a game where you have the speed to get the job done but it's kind of like a game of memory. Where once you get close you have to track the survivor down without the aid of scratches.

Cooldown add on improvement - So as they stand, they're just too weak. There is no logical reason to run them because anything below cold dirt isn't even really noticeable and cold dirt is only barely useful. I get you don't want it to be a hit into an easy frenzy catch up into a short chase, but as they stand now they're painfully weak to the point where they should be either improved or changed to do something worth using.

Mending improvement - So I really like the overall job you did on the mending change. Good mix of fixing the potential bs angles you could play with it while keeping it from being something where I can just sit on a gen just on the edge of legion's TR. But with these changes, I also feel the amount of time the survivor has to mend should be much lower. 15 seconds seems reasonable. This would simply reinforce the fact that they cannot focus on the objective and ignore mending to push something out, which I feel would make the ability more meaningful.

Partial meter activation - To be honest, I'm not a hundred percent sure this is needed, but it is an idea I kicked around. Basically, let legion frenzy at 50 percent. Still applies a good penalty on missed attacks and stops you from spamming the ability, but with the other changes made to his power, the ability is significantly less lethal and as such, the loosening of the activation requirement seems reasonable, even if I do like the missing penalty.

I hope you guys will at least consider some of these changes. I really do like the character a lot and I think you guys did a great job on the rework. I think these changes would maintain counterplay, make the character have better build diversity, make them more normalized in terms of killer strength and overall just make him a better character. Thanks for taking the time if you got this far.

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