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Why did we get Amanda Young as the pig?

As you all know, Amanda Young is the character in DBD hiding beneath the Pig mask. But why did we get her instead of Hoffman? Hoffman was so much more badass and did alot more of the attacking and fighting with the Pig mask than Amanda. Wouldnt the Entity rather have a strong killer like Hoffman rather than a sober druggy like Amanda? And that goes the same for game design. I'm surprised the devs chose her instead.



  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Cause License

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 3,565

    if I'm honest I don't remember what movies the pig were even in I only ever saw the first 2 saw moves

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244

    That's what I'm saying. The pig was only in a small amount of scenes for a few seconds for the first half of the franchise. But later when Hoffman is the main killer the Pig is used way more.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Just sayin that maybe they couldn't get Hoffman. It's happened before with others.

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244
  • DarthRaneDarthRane Member Posts: 198
    edited December 2019

    Honestly don't care I hate the lig as a character to begin with lol.

    But with the Oni what I'm hoping we see is something like a werewolf

    or jekyle and hyde type killer

  • THEghostfaceTHEghostface Member Posts: 296

    Kinda wish Pig got Legion's treatment of skins, where the skin is an entirely new character, but I guess Amanda with Hoffman's leather outfit is cool too.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,772

    Lore wise: Hoffman's fate is unknown, unlike Amanda's. So for all we know he could be alive and kicking and still putting people in puzzles.

    Realistic wise: License. the devs have said multiple times they always want as close too the original version of a character as possible when it comes too licensed killers/survivors, so since Amanda was first she was the one they got.

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244

    Lore wise that doesnt really hold up though considering we have Myers, Leatherface, Steve, Nancy etc. The characters are not necessarily THE Michael Myers or THE Steve but A Michael or A Steve possibly from another dimension.

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244

    I highly disagree but even so, for the game Hoffman would've fit better. Its not a story game it's a horror game and Hoffman was a much better killer and would've fit better. Also the abduction thing is not true at all. Hoffman used the Pig outfit way more and there are way more abduction scenes with Hoffman than Amanda.

  • JudgementJudgement Member Posts: 797

    Technically so was the Demogorgon as it only appears twice or so in the whole series of Stranger Things.

    That being said, Killers don’t have to be popular or prevalent throughout a series to be chosen. You still recognise the Pig as a character from Saw even without context because of the RBT.

  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,054

    Didn't Amanda have more movies? And she became bitter and jaded; Hoffman was only a traitorous snake.

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 1,600
    edited December 2019

    There's no way of knowing. Could be licensing or just as a way to tie into the first film.

    Judging by all the cool outfits Amanda keeps getting though, I think it's cuz the design team stan for her.

  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,054

    Oh right, they just kept making those didn't they...

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244

    Yea but they were actually pretty good up until the last one, Saw 7. I'd say 6 was the best next to the first 1.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,772

    True, honestly I don't think there is a lore reason lol.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,349

    Because Ananda was an interesting character and Hoffman was generic. She's also the only licensed female killer.

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244

    Ehhh I dont see how a drug addict is more interesting than a Jack Bauer styled serial killer that fronts as a detective

  • John_DoeJohn_Doe Member Posts: 236

    I haven't seen past 3 in a while but Amanda was more cold than what I remember Hoffman being. She would set up un-winnable games just to kill and the reversed bear trap was most iconic with Amanda. But then again if you take the un-winnable games into account it doesn't really fit with dbd's version because its very easy to remove the trap sooo...

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,380

    I'm talking about her emotional turmoil and and the downward spiral of her character into a murderer.

    Whilst Hoffman always just remains essentially a brute who has a sadistic streak. That was literally his character from start to finish basically he has no character arc.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 2,799

    New Pig addon idea that would fit Amanda's games/traps.

    Iridescent Helmets:

    - Survivors can escape with active helmets

    - removes the ability to get rid of the helmet

    - helmet becomes active immediately once put on the head

    - helmet will automatically kill the survivor after 10 minutes

    - removes all SAW boxes

    Imagine you're the first survivor to get downed and you see no auras of SAW boxes and your timer starts as soon as you get unhooked even though no gen has been repaired. You know "damn... My life is on an actual timer now. It's either pump out all gens and escape in 10 minutes or die"

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,675

    Completely agree: it should of been Hoffman. Said it many times before.

    He was a far more convincing antagonist and as others have noted, a legit badass.

    I'm a big Saw fan and Hoffman would of been a much better fit for DBD.

    There is even a mention in the Saw series where Amanda is believed to be behind a certain murder, but a detective points out she wouldn't of been strong enough to lift another (slightly heavier) female in to position. That's because she was assisted by Hoffman. If a small woman who's physical state has been damaged through drug abuse, cannot pick up a slim female, how is she meant to hoist up the likes of Jeff and Jane? Or are just putting that down to the 'power of the Entity' making Amanda the DBD equivalent of The Undertaker and his urn?

    Hoffman is physically intimidating and also displays moments of glorious murder where he takes out several adversaries in short succession.

    Hoffman's fate is also unaccounted for and could have been turned in to an interesting lore in DBD.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,409

    Well, according to my theory about what the Entity is, it makes total sense for it to be Amanda.

    SAW lore wise, it also makes a bit more sense. Hoffman's games were still winnable. Was he extremely lethal? Yes. But Amanda was more sadistic and irredeemable. When Kramer was on the verge of death, and getting the equivalent of back-alley brain surgery, with a highly qualified doctor, almost SCREAMING at her to get him to an actual hospital, she basically said "DO IT AND YOU DIE." She had zero remorse, and zero plans to stop just killing people in the name of Jigsaw.

    As for licensing, I'm assuming that the SAW movies had not been all released at the time of the SAW chapter, or the licensing being given, so having the already removed Amanda as the killer would have been the easier choice.

    Good to see that nobody asked for Kramer, though. Would have hated to go off my nut at someone for suggesting that.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,675

    But Hoffman murdered several people outside of the games/tests. His close combat skills were highly effective.

    He also had inescapable games and was far more calculating than Amanda.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,409

    Well, most of those kills were more or less out of necessity when he was cornered in a police station. And the only inescapable test I remember of Hoffman, was the first one we know of him which was before he became a Jigsaw apprentice.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,664

    The physical strength argument is redundant. We have Hag, Julie and Susie, etc. The Entity doesn't just plonk people in as-is, it gives them power and strength.

    As for the power, Hoffman is just a big dude, he's not really iconic in the same way EVERYONE knows Amanda's scene from Saw.

    Amanda allowed them to use a smaller frame to create a stealth/ambush killer which is far and beyond perfect for "the Pig" being represented from the movies.

    Her personal connection to the Reverse Bear Traps also make her far more suited to placing them on survivors. Hoffman had no real links to a specific saw trap that could have been used. Yeah, he got an RBT eventually, but Amanda is what made them famous. If we got him, and he ran around using RBTs, people would question why it wasn't Amanda just the same.

    Let's not even venture into the area of the discussion where the original few movies had some great mind-[BAD WORD] twists, including Amanda herself, that changed the whole meaning of their movies, where Hoffman's whole run was a just an absolute convoluted mess of trying to one up every other one in the series which mostly just ended up being downright dull, or copied from 2.

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