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    I would love if they can test out the idea of no terror radius when using FF. Maybe within 16m you get a heartbeat or the sound that it makes when a killer comes out of insidious.

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    bring back speed add ons I miss those):

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    Tbh I'm having fun with his new update, I'm getting 3 and 4k on my matches since the update on rank 6, now I'm getting to 3

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    Or, you could play Julie with the Party Crasher skin and 4k instantly.

    Just a suggestion.

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    I don't get the point. You mean all killers are weak?

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    If they buff Legion next patch I'll be ecstatic

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    Legion feels a lot better to play now. The thing is, Legion was nerfed at first due to exploits like moonwalking and Frank's + Stab Wound's Study. Now that these are gone and Legion has their old movement speed back, can we please keep the speed and make Feral Frenzy activate Sloppy and STBFL?

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    Wow they Banned @UlvenDagoth :( #bufflegion #ftopayrespects

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    getting the max kills is exactly what makes a killer strong, unless I'm a god?

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,085

    His statement was not wrong.

    1 can be good with a killer, without that this killer has a good basekit.

    If being good would be a sign of that a killer, or survivor is op/balanced/use the word you like - then every killer and survivor type would be op and dbd would have no balance issuses, since I bet that every killer has some players that make with them 4k regularly and also survivors have for sure always someone who is on the winning side, no matter with which crude tactics and perks he is playing.

    What the topic matters:

    To make the Legion a lot more balanced and also fun would be necessary, imo:

    -Let m1 attacks not impact on the frenzy cooldown (mainly because balance).

    -Throw the stun for a missing hit away (mainly because of fun).

    Because of the other penalties of the Legion that would be still active, I don't see here any balance issuses. As long, as bhvr not touches the dw mechanic, they can't make anything wrong imo.

    I bet those 2 changes could be make in a day. I mean, I am not a coder, but comon... How long can it take to make that happen?

    For sure not long.

    And I like simple, but efficient changes.

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    The FF not going away after missing a hit would not be good since you literally can't avoid the hit which would be frustrating but a good idea is so you only lose 50% of your bar on a miss it'll be more in line and punish you a lot less for missing your power, plus you could use the ability to get distance by just stabbing the air which looked dumb. But I can agree not letting m1's affect the frenzy meter would be nice.

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    Oh, sorry. I may not have expressed myself well enough.

    I had never in mind, that the Legion should find a "new exploit" to move longer in frenzy.

    Imo, frenzy is just a cool special abilitie because she is short. Imagine you would be able to run with frenzy 2 minutes+ (as an exaggerated example) - after a short time, I bet the most Legion players would find this abilitie boring.

    So, even with no missing hit penaltie should frenzy never be any longer as now imo.

    What missing hits in general matters...

    I can only talk for myself here and I have two examples for you:

    I had a long time take a break from dbd.

    Before my break, I was good enough to make at maximum only 1 missing hit in either m1, or frenzy.

    Now, where I have come back I lay between 4-2 at the moment/each match. I assume in a few days I am back again at the rate before my break of dbd.

    What I wanted to say with this is - the change would anyways have only a small impact in a real match. The biggest benefit would be surley for the Legion player, because he has 1 reason less what could rob him of his fun and for survivors would almost nothing change.

    To all this, I need to say that I think, that I am only a average Legion player. I mean, before my break from dbd I had only 1 time reached the red ranks for a short amount of time and then decided to stay at the mid ranks and afterall... You can only be so good as your enemies because that's were you training yourself on.

    TL:DR I bet there are a ton of Legions out there that not even miss a hit a single time.

  • CetrenCetren Member Posts: 917

    For some reason I read this as buffle leg. Don't ask me why, I'm not sure either. But in both cases I agree.

  • MrsPiggyIsSoSneakyMrsPiggyIsSoSneaky Member Posts: 486

    You mean

    #reworklegion right?

    There is nothing the devs can do to legion at this point, no amount of buffs or nerfs will put him in a good or decent place

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    You mean #nerflegionmore right? ;) ;) :D But seriously, a rework is what they need, at this point they are barely even a killer.

  • Predator3174PLPredator3174PL Member Posts: 261

    They won't buff him.

    It's BHVR, don't expect miracles

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    edited December 2019

    Actual idea that doesn't change power (I'd like to reverse the most recent nerf with regard to on-hit perks, but ignoring that, I mean) would be to have his Killer Instinct add-ons changed to something that might actually get used...since Oni, who is already way faster, in his incredibly lethal/uncounterable (at high skill level) power, gets 2 add-ons for speed when using his power, Legion should get these too, in exchange for the aforementioned Killer Instinct add-ons.

    Fact is that big maps make Legion obsolete, since they can't get across the map to get that elusive second FF hit if the players are actually playing to counter Legion, which at red ranks they'll usually have the common sense to do in my experience. So let them use their non-lethal power to zoom across the map - it breaks nothing.

    Also ultra rare add-on ideas would include: not removing scratchmarks, or blood (as separate add-ons) in FF. I don't get why they have to limit tracking in this way pre-hit. Wouldn't it be cool to use an add-on spot just so you could change style and use the power for a bit more movement while not missing out on vital information shown to you on the map?

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    MY LEG!

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