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Holiday wishlist

My gamepass and live just ran out and I dont have a way to turn it back on rn but I have that DBD itch. Ive been watching noob3 videos and thinking about what I would do if I had infinite funds and owned DBD, and then I thought I might as well share them somewhere. This is all off the top of my head and realism not taken into consideration, but who knows maybe a dev might just happen to get a good idea


Pennywise, Chucky, Jason, Xenomorph, Predator, Pinhead, Candyman, Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula


Tommy Jarvis, Ellen Ripley, Dutch (but really just Schwarzenegger) Buffy Summers, Leon Kennedy, Van Helsing, Doctor Frankenstein, Nancy Thompson, Sidney Prescott (Especially these two) And Jerry from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sally would make more sense but I think hes just a cool looking and unique dude that would be welcomed in the roster. We dont have any mega stoners yet


Pennywises sewer, Bubbas house, That mansion from the first Scream,The ship from alien, A weird hell dimension from the cenobites, Camp crystal lake, The cabin and surrounding woods from Evil Dead, Dracula's Castle, Doctor Frankenstein's lab a toy store filled with good guy dolls (This would be a really good way to represent chucky if they never find a way to make him an actual killer) and ANY high school, imagine the lockers. Id like every killer to have a corresponding map


Multiple characters as skins. For example

Chucky - Tiffany

Pinhead - Deepthroat, Butterball, Chatterer

Dracula - Nosferatu

Nancy Thompson - Nancy Holbrook

The ability to put prestige blood on any item

Rework of Laurie, Quentin and Tapp to look like their actors with their original designs still being available as cosmetic options


All of Bubbas various outfits, Classic Pennywise, Modern Chucky, a Ski Mask the Slump God shirt for Chucky, Classic Freddy, Unburned Freddy, Young Ash, Prom Queen Laurie, Long Dreads for Adam, Wazzup mask for Ghostface, Bleeding mask for Ghostface

Different mori animations


No more tapping A on second hook, instead you just hold it

Unique music for every killer

Moris are able to be performed on a survivor that has been hooked twice without an offering, this wont be game breaking or anything because being dead on hook is already a death sentence and the time that would be spent going to the hook will instead be used on the Mori and it would just be cool.

a new perk would allow you to a DS style skillcheck to throw sand in the face of a killer before they preform the mori and get you back to the injured health state

A unique item for every killer (For Ghostface it would be something like a VHS collection, for clown his fingers or even something like spirits bike) that will randomly spawn on any map and its aura will always be visable for the killer. The survivors can cleanse or destroy it (Maybe it takes around 30 seconds) for a big BP reward(Like 10k+ for whoever does it to make it worth wild) but if the match ends with it still up the Killer gets the reward. This would ease "Gen rushing" and diversify gameplay

Legion can now hide in lockers with no terror radius and if a survivor happens to open it he/she will do a little wave and grab the survivor. IDK why I just always thought that would be cool and fitting of their character.


These would work like overwatch's arcade where maybe only one or two would be active for a day before rotating

1st person Survivor, 3rd person killer, 1st person survivor AND 3rd person killer, 2 v 8 in bigger maps, a 4 v 4(8) gamemode where all 4 members of legion only have the objective of stabbing survivors as many times in a modified FF while the survivors try to survive for a time limit, they dont go down until they've been hit say 25 times (100 total hits so for 4 v 8 it would be 12 with 4 people getting lucky 13)

This is the most out there idea I have but a mode that takes place in a body of water where the survivors have to dive to do gens to start a boat. Instead of hooks the killer might have to drag and throw the survivors into patches of corrupted coral or just tentacles that act the same way as hooks do, just without the hook. This would allow for aquatic killers like Jaws and the Creature from Black Lagoon to be represented properly

A boy can dream


  • DiamDiam Member Posts: 50

    Cool post. Although I’d have to disagree with the mori feature before 3rd hook. That could deny a flashlight save, decisive strike, etc.

  • VoodooChildVoodooChild Member Posts: 319

    That's what the sand throwing perk is for, basically a second DS unless they went for the hook. It would eliminate the last minute flashlight save but that has very rarely happened to me as a survivor and not as a killer since i was in low ranks and didn't really know how to play. The main reason i want this is because it would make the killer more intimating, Moris are cool, if each killer had multiple moris they'd be even cooler, but Ebony and even Ivory moris suck to play against. I think the trade off of not ever having to go against those more than make up for not being able to have a last minute flash light save, but then again im a solo green survivor so it may be more common with better survivors

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