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Gamebreaking. No visual/audio cues when multiple traps are triggered.

ars_perfectaars_perfecta Member Posts: 160
edited December 2019 in The Hag

Platform: PC

Description of the issue: Whenever survivors trigger multiple traps in succession I will hear/see the explosion of the first one triggered, then I only see the directional red marker on the screen without any sound or visual cue. Happened in multiple games with different addons. This makes it almost impossible to know when or to which trap I should teleport to. If no traps are triggered for a bit the whole thing starts again. Hear the first explosion and then silence.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): Play a game normally.

How often does this occur: Every game after the new patch. Please fix! On top of that I have to hear the carry survivor music constantly through the game which is very loud. Also survivors make no sounds, and you cannot hear footsteps anymore, and killers getting stuck inside gens, and medkit addons not working...man I love this game but it seems you guys really broke good it this time.

Guess I will be sticking to survivor for the time being...


  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,337
    edited December 2019

    Not to cast aspersions on the OP in any way, I just wanted to add for the information of anyone on the dev team investigating this bug that this doesn't seem to be a problem which is consistent for all Hags. I've watched my brother (on PC, and at yellow ranks, if that matters) play many Hag games since the new patch was released, and all seems to be working correctly in his game.

    @ars_perfecta Are there any particular add-ons or perks which you use consistently when playing Hag? Perhaps one of those could be causing the issue.

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