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Emblems emplained

I have found 4 different web pages that state 4 different pieces of information on how emblems work. I couldn't find anything here in this forum from a dev explaining it. So I was curious, exactly how much of the gens does one need to get each emblem. How much healing and unhook? It obviously isn't based on blood points because I can get maxed and still not get top level, but I get top level when not maxed.

None of the web sites seem to have accurate information as I tested it out (270 points with 1 gen = 100 points) When you do 2 full gens, 1 hex that is supposed to be 50 and 1 dull totem that is suppose to be 20, that should be 270).

I seen a web site say 350 points. But that seems extremely high as that would be 3.5 gens. Rarely anyone gets that since there is only 5 unless everyone coops the whole time.

So the system is nice, but an explanation from the devs would be awesome so that we could understand the finer details better.

PS - on web site the math made it impossible for a killer to get the best emblem (my doctor does all the time so I knew it was ludicrious). I know that 2 gens remaining is the best, 1 gen is gold, 0 gens is silver, them escaping is bronze).

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