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Post your killer builds/playstyle

As we know we have a variety of killers who have different sizes, speeds, powers, and build variety. I'd love to hear builds people use with their favorite killer and how they play it to expand my own play-style / try killers I rarely play because I don't get how to use them. Try not to include ultra rare addons since they can't be used ALL the time contrary to some peoples' belief, or add it in addition to a 'regular' build

To make it easy to read please use this format:

Perks: 1, 2, 3, 4

Addons: 1, 2

Playstyle: How you do your early/mid/late game in a few sentences.


  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 2,899

    Killer: Nurse

    Perks: Deerstalker, Knock Out, Infectious Fright, Dark Devotion.

    Add-ons: None (I don't like her add-ons).

    Playstyle: Early-game I patrol generators to try and apply as much pressure as possible and as the game progresses I put more importance on chases, downing survivors and hooks.

  • BearWolf_51BearWolf_51 Member Posts: 87

    Killer: Legion

    Perks: M&A, B&C, Ruin and Dying Light (Thanato is a good one too)

    Add-ons: Anything to fill the power gauge faster + Anything to increase FF duration

    Playstyle: I'll patrol gens until I find survivors, hit as many survivors I can with Feral Frenzy and chase. Hook, use B&C to find more survivors and repeat.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112
    edited December 2019


    Perks:BBQ, Ruin, PGTW and STBFL.

    Add ons: speeeeeeed

    Playstyle: depends on what I need to do.

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  • Cornpopers_EvanCornpopers_Evan Member Posts: 2,428

    Killer: Demogorgon

    Perks: STBFL, Surge, Corrupt and Dying Light

    Add-ons: Really depends on what I'm going for, rat liver is surprisingly good though

    Playstyle: Thanks to corrupt you can do a hard three gen strat and basically set up a KI mind field around those gens, that's what I always personally go for.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581

    Assuming i'm going all out...

    • Power: Wailing Bell
    • Add-on 1: "Windstorm" - Blood
    • Add-on 2: "Swift Hunt" - Blood
    • Offering: Survivor Pudding / Bloody Party Streamers
    • Perk 1: Barbecue & Chili
    • Perk 2: Make Your Choice
    • Perk 3: Enduring
    • Perk 4: Spirit Fury

    I never just bee-line it to Generators, there's almost always enough cover to get closer without setting Survivors off in comparison to your regular 32-meter Terror Radius Killers.

    If i suspect Spine Chill, i put the Generator's Aura on either side of my screen, that should help.

    Sprint Burst, at this point, is my biggest concern.

    Wraith's super lunge can catch up to it, but it's pretty precise timing and i can easily misjudge their behaviour on when they'll actually use it. (They always do the regular walk until they think i'm about to be fully uncloaked.)

    The safe bet is to not go for it at all and bait out their sprint, staying in my faster-moving cloaked mode to catch up again.

    I might actually catch them off guard thanks to "Swift Hunt", but usually the 2nd ring gives them the signal to start running.

    Mindgames at loops are very important on mr. M1 here, simply following them will give them exactly what they want.

    An important part with these mindgames actually occurs before the loop: Did i mindlessly follow them to the loop?

    Or did i follow them in the same way i patrolled those Generators earlier?

    If they don't see where i come from to the loop, i'll gain a massive advantage.

    There's that regular loop with a Pallet between 2 small L walls.

    I don't know what it is, but it's very rare for Survivors to run away unscathed from me at those.

    Let's assume it went well: Hook 'em, then i do what i always do: Just go away.

    No matter how hardcore i wanna play, i'm not gonna camp or tunnel (except tunnel until they're on the Hook), bores me greatly, so even if there's 0 Auras, i usually zoom out of there anyway.

    I won't skip a free hit: If i see someone hiding nearby, that's my next target.

    But usually i'm gone.

    If i got nothing to go on and MYC triggers, you bet i'm going back for mr. Unhooker.

    Generally, if i managed that sneaky approach, the first hit is easier than the second hit.

    So why not buff that first hit, right?

    As for Enduring + Spirit Fury: Tank only the first 2 Pallets, don't just mindlessly spent the SF charge on any Pallet.

    If i tank the first 2, they will know i tank them and will often drop the next Pallet earlier than necessary to be safe, which is great.

    When i get to those infamous spots like the long wall or the Killer Shack, that's where i want to spent the charge.

    They never make it to the Window on either examples i stated, and running away mostly also results in me catching up.

    Once they are fully aware of this combination, some might not stun me anymore.

    Not the best outcome, but this has its positives as well, like wasting less time per loop because of an early drop out of not wanting to provide SF with charges.

    Besides, me saying "some" is just about right: Most still will.

    Bonus: If they drop the Pallet and i managed to hit them with it, they will have used up a Pallet, they will have lost most of their Injured-sprint from dropping it & i will recover faster from hitting them due to that animation being cancelled by the stun animation, which is way faster thanks to Enduring.

    P.S. Corn is my best friend!

    I have NO troubles seeing through it & it perfectly (not quite perfect, but y'know) covers my cloak, allowing for ambushes as if there was a wall there.

    Not only that, they will always assume i will be partially blinded from the corn, running into the field as if they're just as safe as with Pallets, doing 360s to try and confuse me.

    And not only that, they seem to not learn, as they'll try the corn again after their first chase in it, regardless of how that chase turned out.

    P.P.S. It must be really hard to Lightburn Wraiths now, huh?

    I've had the Flashlight shine on me for a good 2 seconds at one point, but i still uncloaked successfully.

  • BearWolf_51BearWolf_51 Member Posts: 87

    Killer: Trapper

    Perks: Sloppy Butcher, Dying Light, Ruin and B&C (Thanato is good on him too)

    Add-ons: Anything to carry more bear traps and to make them darker

    Playstyle: Early-game I'll set as many traps as possible. Always try to put them in pallets w/ grass, loops and places survivors run without much care. Mid-game is all about chasing, patrolling gens and setting more traps. Near the late-game try to set traps on both gates, so you'll know where the remaining survivor(s) are (its nearly impossible for a solo survivor to escape through the gates in this situation).

  • BearWolf_51BearWolf_51 Member Posts: 87

    OP: "Describe your Playstyle in a few sentences."

    Boss: "In the beginning The Entity created The Survivor and The Killer..." "...And then The Entity said, Let there be fog: and there was fog..."

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 3,007

    Killer: Huntress

    Perks: Ruin, A Nurse's Calling, Discordance, BBQ&C.

    Addons: Depends on mood.

    Playstyle: Aggressive. Even tho Huntress is my main on PC I didnt touch her till recently on PS4. Sometimes I want to post a video and get critiqued by console players because it always feels like I'm doing something wrong.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 4,090


    BBQ, Ruin, Brutal Streangh, Bamboozle

    Faster recharge of power (Chewed Pen) and longer duration staying marked (Lasting Parfume).

    Its basicly a stalking ghostface build. I sneak up on gens, stalk hiddenly and with brutal and bamboozle I close up loops really fast and can end chases if the survivor finds a save spot really quick. Its fun and a decent build on him.

  • JukenobiJukenobi Member Posts: 301

    Killer: Nea Karlsson

    Perks: Balanced Landing, Decisive Strike, Head On, Quick & Quiet.

    Add-ons: The Brightest Flashlight you can imagine.

    Playstyle: Early-game I T-Bag the killerino to cause enrage stacks. Spend 10 minutes looping him until 4 gens are complete. Blinding him into a fit of rage until he eventually cowers in fear to the one true killer.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,849

    Michael Myers

    Perks: Monitor and Abuse, Ruin, Pop goes the Weasel, Sloppy Butcher, Brutal Strength.

    Add ons: J. Myers Memorial, Dead Rabbit, Scratched Mirror, Boyfriends Memo.

    I'm covering my two main play styles on Michael. His spooky build, and his stalk and insta down build. With his spooky build a.k.a. scratched mirror I'll take off M&A and put on brutal strength to chew through those pallets. Sloppy is great to keep them injured for prolonged periods. Pop and ruin to slow down that gen rush. M&A to get in close and personal, and it is absolutely lethal on Michael.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581

    TL;DR - Go fast, punish Altruism, bait actions, sneak well, stuns ain't bad.

  • Spartagone45Spartagone45 Member Posts: 122

    Killer: The Wraith

    Perks: Barbecue & Chili, Thrilling Tremors, Save the Best for Last, Haunted Grounds

    Addons: Windstorm (Blood), Swift Hunt (Blood)

    Playstyle: Throughout the Whole game, I try to tunnel as least as possible. Also don't really pay attention to gens until my chase is done or if I can't find anyone within a certain amount of time. Usually average 2 - 3 Kills.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,486

    Killer: the Legion

    Perks: BBQ, Ruin, Thanatophobia, Bamboozle

    Addons: Duration or Faster cooldown recharge time

    Playstyle: At the start of the game I patrol Generators, if I see someone I come closer and then use Feral Frenzy and try to chain as many hits as possible, then I chase like a basic M1 Killer, down them, hook them and repeat.

  • rayoxiumrayoxium Member Posts: 112

    Killer: Huntress

    Perks: BBQ, Whispers, Ruin or Corrupt Intervention, I’m All Ears

    Addons: either more hatchets, hatchet throw cooldown, or nothing at all

    Playstyle: going for sick hatchet throws, and fun chases. I don’t mind losing if I have a good time. I’d rather use Bitter Murmur instead of a slow down to get some cheeky hatchet hits. I’m All Ears is my favorite perk on Huntress, it presents opportunities that you don’t get with other perks (like Nurses calling)

  • ViewtifulHaidaViewtifulHaida Member Posts: 7

    Killer: Ghost Face

    Perks: Thrilling Tremors, Franklin's, Sloppy butcher, iron grasp

    Playstyle: i try to use his ability the best i can and try to get survivors to the basement if i can although im still new to playing killer this seems the best way i get 4ks or even 4 D/Cs

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,970

    Killer: The Nightmare/Freddy Krueger


    -BBQ and Chili/Hex: Devour Hope



    -Pop Goes The Weasel

    Addons: Nancy's Sketch/Nancy's Masterpiece and Outdoor Rope/Jump Rope (depending on availability of rare/uncommon, usually try and mix one rare with one uncommon)

    Playstyle: Try not to tunnel anybody, and slug anyone who I've previously hooked, even if it was over a minute ago. End chases fast and focus on keeping up gen pressure; sacrifice early gens to ensure there are three constantly under surveillance (literally) that can be easily defended by walking or through Dream Projection™.

    If using Devour, then Snare the totem and try and defend it as best you can, but don't make it a priority. You can win without it.

    If using bbq, get an easy down and use the Pop/BBQ/Projection synergy to easily defend key gens. Eventually make areas unsafe and snowball from there, Nancy's sketch/masterpiece help in snowballing through easy teleports. Wait till endgame, and they can't do gens without you instantly knowing.

    Averages 3-4 kills.

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