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Stop putting high rank SWF against low rank killers.

My rank 12 ass should not be facing a rank 2 survivors just because they're bringing their new friends.

SWF should only face killers at the rank of highest ranked survivor in the group.

"Wh-b-b-b- but low rank survivors would be disadvantaged." - survivor mains

Comms is a hell of an advantage. How is one side having two advantages more fair than each having one?


  • UsernameforderekUsernameforderek Member Posts: 6

    Maybe something like Overwatch, where you can only group up with people at a similar rank would be better.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 893

    Play with high rank survivours = face killers of that rank its common sense. Bare in mind most killer lobby time were much worse then now due to the need of requiring 4 survivours and 1 killer in high ranks so i d rather keep the current system then have longer queue times.

    For gods sake streamers regularly end up playing games on the side whilst waiting for a dbd game. Thats a disgrace. So no lets not mess with matchmaking unless we are sure we dont make early red rank killer queue times a hellish nightmare.

  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 819

    Nice double standards from the OP lol

  • UsernameforderekUsernameforderek Member Posts: 6

    Yeah, real double standard... Preferring that the advantage of comms be offset by a higher ranked killer instead of added to by a lower rank one.

    Yeah, yep. Asking to balance advantages is such a double standard.

    You donk.

  • FieryauraFieryaura Member Posts: 47
    edited August 2019

    Match making has been fixed on this PTB just wait for an official release

    And BTW match making is bug even for killer when I'm red rank the survivor is rank 9 I laugh so hard xd

  • KurosujiKurosuji Member Posts: 27

    Every damn game I play as killer I go against a swf red rank team with one green rank. I'm rank 9.

  • WaldbeereWaldbeere Member Posts: 85

    Same to me. Not every game, but especially in the evening. It feels more like a humiliation than fun. Sometimes I do not get any hook...

    PS: Playing on PS4

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,627

    If you're rank 12 and go against rank 2s that's not because of SWF, but because matchmaking itself got drunk. SWF parties are matched based on the highest rank, and +/- 6 ranks is supposed to be the range matchmaking will search within.

  • PlaquerPlaquer Member Posts: 197

    its not actually SWF, its most likely solo queues, the SWF matchmaking system is based on the highest ranked player, in solo queue, I end up against tons of inexperienced killers, but when I play with friends its almost always against a good killer

  • WaldbeereWaldbeere Member Posts: 85

    That's correct, but playing against a rank 4 SWF group is much more difficult to play against compared to a group of solo survivors. That's what it makes much more frustrating. So the effective gap between the ranks is much bigger than shown.

  • Beanmaster2Beanmaster2 Member Posts: 6

    Yo I hate getting my guts rearranged everytime I want to play killer just because the game wants to put me (a level 15 ghost face) up against 1s, 2s, and 3s who just so happen to have a 18 lagging along with them so they could get easy wins.

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