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How are Nancy and Steve in the Fog?

I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244

How are the Stranger Things characters in the Entity's realm? This never made sense to me. In Stranger Things Nancy and Steve are still in the real world and still part of that franchise so I dont understand how the entity could have taken them.


  • NyeloNyelo Member Posts: 9

    The answer is in Steve and Nancy's lore in-game, even though it's very short).

    I don't remember it exactly but it takes place after the events of ST Season 3, Nancy ends up in Hawkin's laboratory following some clues (Probably some traces of the Entity after it took the Demogorgon) and she calls Steve for help and when he arrives they just get picked by the Entity.

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244

    Yes I know the bios but it doesnt make sense unless in season 4 of Stranger Things they talk about this which I highly doubt will happen. If the franchise of Stranger Things was complete and there weren't gonna be more seasons then I would understand more.

  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 218

    Wasn't the ST Chapter supposed to be taking place right after Season 2 ?

  • AjritokaAjritoka Member Posts: 599
    edited December 2019

    It takes place right after season three.

    I guess that means that if we see them in season four, they somehow escaped The Fog.

    So there is an escape.

  • MonlythMonlyth Member Posts: 507

    Well, if the Entity can erase people's memories and restore them to their original state, that begs the question: Why doesn't the Entity erase the memories of the "burnouts" in the Void who have totally succumbed to despair, so it can keep feeding on them?

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 820

    Two possibilities: Alternate timeline Steve and Nancy or they escape in time for Season 4. Take your pick.

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 1,712
    edited December 2019

    I didn't say the Entity would erase their memories.

    I said that when/if they escape the Entity and it's realm they might lose memory of what happened.

    Think 'It Chapter 2' if you've seen it or 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. Their memories of the place fade away after they leave it.

    But if the Entity could remove or alter memories there's no reason for it to do so on those in the Void if it just doesn't want to.

    It has all of time and space across potentially endless universes to pull people from; it wouldn't even necessarily be more efficient to "reuse" drained people when it can just take new ones.

  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 218

    Well then again, ST is canon according to Dead by Daylight, but that does not mean DBD is canon in the ST universe.

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 1,743

    Season 4 of stranger things is gonna be in the world of dbd. DbD characters joins the show.

  • VolantConch1719VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 892

    Why is everyone trying to overcomplicate this.

    It's pretty simple. The events after Season Three of Stranger Things will never happen in the DBD universe.

    Just like how everything after the original Halloween will never happen, everything after Texas Chainsaw Massacre will never happen, Left 4 Dead 2 will never happen. Since bodies seem to disappear (they never found Adam, Jane, Kate, Jake, or Meg, even after searching), we can safely say that the chronological events after Amanda's death in Saw 3 will never happen (or at least be changed a bit, since it wasn't TOO important to the rest of the story other than Hoffman becoming the main villain).

    In other universes, these events might still happen, but not in DBD's.

  • MrChillsXMrChillsX Member Posts: 29

    The Entity is multi-universe being. It pretty much can take people whenever it wants. It's also theorize that some the survivors are not from the same time/timeline. So like Bill died in left 4 dead right? It doesn't mean that the entity didn't dip into a different point in a multi-universe timeline and take Bill from death.

  • joker7997joker7997 Member Posts: 899

    Putting way too much thought into this

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