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Whats with the Nerf Billy talk and speculation?



  • nos4a2nos4a2 Member Posts: 54

    Billy isn’t mindless and it isn’t easy to play as him either . To use his chainsaw and to use it efficiently takes many hours to learn so if ur facing a hillbilly that is wrecking ur team it is because they have put many many hours into him to become that good . He has counters . He doesn’t need nerfed whatsoever.... he is very balanced as a lot of people have said . Mindless is sitting on a gen hitting mindless skill checks and opening a gate and I play both sides .

  • Falkner09Falkner09 Member Posts: 263

    It's now well established that survivor mains can get any killer nerfed just by bitching really hard for about 2 months, and challenges within a week.

    Once they learned this, they set their sights on nurse first, then Spirit, then the tome challenges, so now they're targeting Billy and Freddy. It's very transparent.

  • deadbyhitboxdeadbyhitbox Member Posts: 980

    Billy has weaknesses. The only time he's too strong is with Instasaw. His weakness is survivors who expect curves and stay in areas where the Billy will have a hard time getting a saw. That's what makes Billy so much fun though, even when survivors get to that area, you can usually still utilize curves, and the survivor can try to play around curves. He's such a well designed killer.

  • Apple2oApple2o Member Posts: 624
    edited December 2019

    Omegalul if you think nurse or spirit pre-nerf were fine. Freddy and Billy are statistically some of the highest performing killers in the game. And it's not because someone like Freddy is hard to play......

    Rank 1 killer main before you throw shade at me for being a survivor.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 6,692

    Billy is fine, but his Add Ons might need some Insight. Especially Tuning Guide and Cooldown-Add Ons. Tuning Guide is too strong for only a Green Add On, considering it is a combination of a few yellow and brown Add Ons.

    Regarding Cooldown Add Ons, missed Chainsaw Attacks can have a meaningful penalty.

    But other than that, nothing is needed. Especially not to his Basekit.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,226

    him and leatherface are probably just getting an add on haul

  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 70

    Why are you using word 'mindless' as a response to my post, like if I used it? Which I did not. And honestly, I have much better record vs EVERY other killer and my team always (well 95%) gets totally wrecked by Billy. And I don't play on high ranks, 10-ish. But okay, I have that experience, you might say you have much different, that's not a real argument. So let me, try to, explain to you why I hate Billy and why I don't consider him balanced at all.

    • Charge - M2 and off you go, NO requirements to fulfill, no downside, no nothing, just M2 and run, maybe even hit someone sometimes, but okay, that's not big issue, since getting hit on large distance is rather rare and easy to avoid (unless we add high ping and weird hit boxes but that's not just his issue). But you know, my problem is that there's no downside, no nothing to it, once you stop running you just charge the chainsaw, which is really fast and you can run/kill again. Nurse can blink super fast, but gets fatigued, gives you some chance to run away/hide/something. Legion cannot really kill you with frenzy, unless some addon combos exist which I don't know of. Oni has to collect blood and can charge for limited amount of time - and that's really balanced charge combined with attack. See what I'm talking about?
    • One shot downing - not totally bad by itself, Bubba has pretty much the same thing and it's fine... but... I think combining THAT fast movement and insta kills? Come on. This one is tied to the charge, doesn't require anything, doesn't have any downside (no, stopping when hitting an obstacle is not a downside, just in case someone would like to say that), doesn't have cooldown.

    No, he's really unfun to play against.

    So... basically what? Looping him is his weakness? I mean... isn't good looping good vs almost every other killer? That's hardly a reasonable argument, unless I don't get something. But let me put it this way - I loop a killer X somewhere, use windows, pallets, even lockers, utilize some quick & quiet maybe with dance with me, manage to confuse him, run to the other place. He runs around for a moment and I'm far away. Even if he sees me, I'm far enough away to make this distance even bigger and disappear somewhere, so he won't go after me, because he'll lose even more time. Billy? Just M2 charge to me in 3 seconds and off we go again. Honestly I was never ever able to really lose him, only time I didn't go down was when I played vs some even lower rank Billy and he got too mad after tryharding saw around some corners and just left me.

    Difference between 'strong' and 'too strong'.

    Amen to that. I don't really like playing vs Freddy too much either, would I like nerf? Maybe, but probably not as much as Billy's.

    And I agree with pre-nerf Nurse and Spirit. To all Billy mains, I used to play like almost only Spirit for some time and it was really an 'easy mode'. Needed easy points? Spirit and that's it. But even as, back then, Spirit main I was agreeing with people who wanted to nerf her. She was really insane. But multiplayer game is not just about me and what I want, if there's so much 'whining' about Billy, maybe there's something on the line? If it was one post here and there, okay, but I think it's been going on for a while, if devs said they'll look into it. And then looking at the stats and how well is he performing. It's always annoying when in some game your favorite character is nerfed, but well, there are other people too and what's weak or okay for you maybe not as fine for others. I do much, much better against Spirit than Billy, but I wouldn't say 'she's perfectly balanced, because I do okay', there are other players too.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    He got a huge weakness. Loops. Understand how to run a jungle gym and he needs to M1 you. After he M1ed you, you basically won the chase no matter what, because his strength in chase only comes from his instadown.

  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

    Honestly I've seen people calling for wraith to be nerfed of all things.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,738

    That's just a terrible argument. There's plenty of M1 killers that all have to deal with exactly the same loops and they do just fine WITHOUT cross map one-shots and permanent long lasting map mobility with no cooldown.

    You know why other mobile killers are 110 movement speed? Because their power is strong at getting downs and allow them potential hits that are otherwise impossible. They lose that speed SO THAT loops are actually a legitimate weakness when they fail at using their power.

    Billy is the only outlier amongst all killers that has no cooldown or prerequisite to his power, no base-kit drawback to humongous advantages, literal training wheel add ons that remove the skill required to use his effectively, and no movement speed decrease for a permanently active mobility tool.

    Billy is not "the most balanced killer" like the parrots keep mimicking because X streamer said so while they maintain their 90%+ 4k rate on him. Billy is just an overly strong, flashy killer that has a hoarde of followers who rush to say the exact same bad arguments every time he's brought up in the hopes he doesn't get brought in line with the otherwise consistent rules of killer powers.

  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 218

    He is high-tier and pretty balanced, when you manage to avoid his chainsaw charges and make him bump into walls.. or just never get noticed in the first place.. you can easily defeat him. The only rework i could understand would be a cool-down for his chainsaw, but him getting stunned when bumping into stuff is already a "cool-down" to me.

    However, does Low-Tier Killers deserve a rework, such as Doctor or Pig..

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    If you had to nerf him, nerf his addon's that turn his chainsaw into an M1, I'd like to see because instarev chainsaw isn't something that takes skill. It's literally walk behind someone and get a free down if they don't have a pallet right in front of them.

    Other than that he is fine.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,738

    Potential changes;

    Lower his movement speed while revving the chainsaw. Prevents him keeping pace with survivors without losing ground for as long as he likes while he keeps the chainsaw ready to drop.

    Add a chainsaw cooldown, proportional to duration. You use it quickly in a chase, you might get a 5 second cooldown. You charge across the entire map and land 5 meters from someone? You can't immediately rev that [BAD WORD] on their ass for an easy down.

    110 speed. Billy mains LOVE to talk about how highly skilled they are. Well if you're such a god with a chainsaw, then being slower otherwise really shouldn't affect you at all. Simple.

  • shmoulshmoul Member Posts: 94

    No, the most fun billies are the ones who mostly use the chainsaw at loops and try to curve them. If you were to nerf billies movement speed while revving it would make mindgaming loops with the chainsaw nearly impossible.

    Billy's chainsaw can be juked close-range, even the most skilled billies can miss them if you play unpredictably and move well. You can hear his chainsaw from afar so that's an early warning he's coming. At loops if he tries to curve just stop hugging the loop and he'll most likely miss you. The only thing I'd nerf about him is carborator tuning guide and primer bulb.

    And yes this is my honest opinion, I don't even watch streamers and I'm in joy every time I go against a skilled billy. I'd be more than happy to verse you or any of your billy friends in KYF to demonstrate the counterplay he has.

  • Helevetin_nopeeHelevetin_nopee Member Posts: 408

    If they nerf Billy I'll commit toaster bath

  • FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 366

    Only thing I'd change about Billy is the hitbox. It can be pretty unfair at times for both sides. As a survivor it'll look like he's facing the other way but still hit you and as Billy sometimes the chainsaw goes inside them but it doesn't count as a hit.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768
    edited December 2019
  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 70

    Ummm... what? Loops? I thought looping is basically what you do with every killer... It's kind of like saying 'survivors' weakness is that they can die'.

    So, he's pretty balanced and all we have to is 'manage to avoid his chainsaw'? So maybe simplify this advice to 'he's pretty balanced, you just have to not die' :D So Nurse and Spirit are also absolutely fine, just avoid blink and haunting and you'll see they're balanced and didn't need any nerf :D What kind of an argument is that? Do you even read yourself? I get it, you like Billy, I liked old Spirit, but it doesn't mean I considered her fine. With old beads game was turning into an easy mode. And I'm sure some Spirit mains would say 'she was balanced, all you needed to do was to mind game her haunting'. With that argument nothing is ever overpowered.

    And as for 'low tier killers'... maybe, but buffing needs to be also done carefully, in order to not 'Freddy' the given killer. But if you look at stats Pig is doing pretty alright, Doc as well. I like them both actually, Doc has some cool builds, Pig can also be very dangerous, with specific maps especially. Maybe they could use some teaks, but I don't think it's that important now.

  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 218

    I didn't mean it in such a simplistic way, but fine. I meant if you have enough skill you can manage to dodge his chainsaw. As I said, again, I perfectly understand how people can ask for a cooldown for his power (like most killers)..

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,111

    He already has a cooldown. He also cant even attack for a few seconds after putting the chainsaw away.

  • NumB_16NumB_16 Member Posts: 77

    His movement speed is already slowed when revving chainsaw.

    Already has a 3 second cooldown after using his chainsaw, he cant even M1, vault windows or break pallets during that cooldown.

    Nerf his charge addons. His basekit is balanced: strong but has a lot of counterplay.

  • deadbyhitboxdeadbyhitbox Member Posts: 980

    Short loops and LOS blockers are his weakness. He is very counter able. And yes, looping is the weakness to his saw. But, like I said either side can outplay the other. Billy is nowhere near too strong. His saw doesn't need any requirements because it can be difficult to hit saws verse survivors who look out for curves. But that is what balances him.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,306

    Billy is balanced and most of the community can agree. Although realistically you can't chainsaw through windows or around corners, dbd is a wonderfully jank game. I myself play Billy a lot and against laggy survivors every other chainsaw is gonna have a phantom hit.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,099

    I think some people here are delusional to think the community is fine with Billy as he is. More people with the same points as Nomadd are going to come forward the closer we get to Billy's addon rework.

  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 70

    Thanks. I hope so. I have few years of experience in balancing games, card, mobile, shooters I know a 'bit' what I'm talking about. And sure, I mentioned I'm rather new to DBD, but still, Billy is nowhere near to be balanced. When you look at the stats he was performing better than Spirit and I think that speaks for itself.

    And I find it hard to believe someone is using obstacles or loops as an argument that they are 'counters' to Billy. No, obstacles affect every character in the game and looping is a 'mechanic' against every killer. But there's no killer that with basic kit can get to you fast as Nurse and insta down you like Leatherface. Nurse with Devour? No problem, but she has to work for those tokens, keeping the totem active... So no, Billy in that shape and form is one of the worst balanced killers. He can have his sprint, his saw, that's not the issue per se, issue is with cooldowns, or lack of them. Imagine Spirit without cooldown, just activation time, would that be balanced? And she can't even insta down you. Yes, it's not the same power bla bla bla, I know, but it's same 'category'; overperforming character, technically you obviously can mindgame her, you can juke her, you can not let her hit you with her haunting.

  • MonstarellaMonstarella Member Posts: 7

    I'm glad he's getting nerfed.

    He needs to have his turning and his insta-rev nerfed.

    Lot of people have been tired of his abilty to turn-on-a-dime and down someone. It's highly unfair to effortlessly being able to run nonstop and turn like how he does.

    The insta-rev is unmindgameable, especially within 1-10 meters.

  • Mellow7Mellow7 Member Posts: 764

    Hexy, everytime I pop in his streams he's always talking about how "OP" Billy is and begs for nerfs everytime someone brings up the best killer in dbd.

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