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New Chapter Idea

Title says all. Here's the data.



Chapter Name: By the Light of the Moon

Killer: The Lycan (Jordan Lavore)

Survivor: Misty Longmire

New Map(s): Longmire Manor (Longmire Estate), Shrine of the Beasts (Red Forest) - NOTE: Shrine of the Beasts could possibly be called Bestial Shrine instead - take your pick. ;)

New Map Offering: Ticket Book

New Add-ons to Survivors - NONE


Bio: "Jordan Lavore was a calm-spirited, autistic librarian who worked out of town. He loved his job, and they loved him (for the most part). But no matter how much he denied it to others, there was one single thing he had always wanted since teenage years - to become a werewolf.

"He was so obsessed that he had tried various methods to obtain this 'blessing', as he called it. His family was against this, of course, but he didn't care. This was the one long-term life goal he had set for himself. He didn't care what the cost would be to 'bring on his true form'.

"Then, at age 25, he had finally gone and done it. He became the beast he had always been dreaming of. He had kept this fact well hidden for a time, thanks to enchanting his favorite necklace, until a news broadcast ended up exposing him. He had been using extremely dark magic for the rituals he did, and a security camera on night duty caught him in the act. His deadly secret was now exposed to the world. Flustered, he grabbed his highly cherished belongings and more, leaving his hometown...

"Or so he thought. It was clear from the swarming police units outside his door, ranging from K9s to detectives to even possible secret agents, that there would be no chance of escape. Confined to a laboratory later in the month, he eventually sought freedom from a week and a half of tormenting experiments. He succeeded. What happened to him after he left the States was a complete mystery... until his favorite second-cousin Misty found out."

In-game Description: "A reluctant Killer, whose heart is not set on killing. However, feral instinct drives him to do so, anyway.

His personal Perks, Piercing Howls, Circle of Life, and One With the Land, allow him to pass on his Terror Radius, speed up when hitting randoms, and be more stealthy."

Height: Tall

Terror Radius: 32 meters

Speed: 4.6 meters/second

Difficulty: Intermediate

Power: Cunning Beast

The darkness surrounds your environment. You want to try and purge the darkness before it spreads to anyone... or vice versa.

-Hold the power button/key to reduce your Terror Radius to 8 meters. The power button/key can be recycled at this juncture for an attack.

-Basic attacks from Cunning Beast involve a short range lunge.

-Special attacks, which are used by using the power button/key and attack button/key at the same time (power comes first, though), involve a long-range leap, thrusting yourself really far.

-A connected hit will have a small chance (base 10%) to gain you an advantage, with the special attacks lasting longer. A successful injury will inflict a random status condition, be it on you or the Survivor. The RNG is only for the first status effect of the game. Once the first status is decided, the rest will be cycled through in order. The cycle is as follows: Hemorrhage, Blindness, Broken, Oblivious, personal Undetectable, Mangled, Deep Wound, Hindered, Exhausted, personal Haste. The status lasts for a base time of 60 seconds (unless they are Mangled or Broken, the latter of which cannot be inflicted if the Survivor is already injured).

-The secondary action button/key allows you to crouch. You move 5% slower, and it takes approximately half a second to switch between each. Attacking is still possible while crouching, but the chances of inflicting statuses are lower.

-Akin to Ghost Face, you can be brought out of this power via pallet stuns, attacking, or being stared at (base of 5 seconds, must be 10 meters or less within Terror Radius, or within TR itself.)

Piercing Howls (Perk) - A simple baying at the moon is all it takes to chill one's spine.

If a Generator is repaired by one person, whoever repaired it will emit your Terror Radius for 10/20/30 seconds. This perk has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

"That howl... Is that him...?" ~Misty Longmire

Circle of Life (Perk) - Producers. Consumers. Decomposers. Back to producers. The food chain never ends. And neither does your furtive hunt.

Become obsessed with one Survivor. Each time you down someone else, gain a token for a 2% speed boost. Max tokens you can have is 4/5/6 tokens. Downing your Obsession spends 3 tokens.

"I'm sorry... I really wish I could control my instincts, but I... I... I'm really sorry... Please help me... Misty..." ~Jordan Lavore

One With The Land (Perk) - The forest is your natural habitat. Fog or no Fog, you can still sense anything perfectly clearly.

Crows will not react to you 50%/75%/100% of the time. Your BASE Terror Radius drops by half. This takes priority over any other Perks that change your Terror Radius. DOES NOT STACK WITH STEALTHY POWERS. (This is not part of the description, but here's an example: if you were running this along with Monitor and Abuse on, say, the Doctor, his base TR would be 16 before applying Monitor to make it a max of 8 or 24. Also, Wraith, Pig and Ghost Face would not have their powers affected. The lullaby audio cue from Huntress will still have the 32 meter range.)

"There's no place for people to not accept others for who they are... I see what I must do - give my kind the positive exposure we need and deserve!" ~Jordan Lavore


Outdated Cartridge: An old GameBoy cartridge. Retro. Seems to be for a classic Mario game. - Slightly increases recharge rate of Cunning Beast. Stacks.

Quesadilla Slices: Slices of Jordan's favorite Mexican food. - Slightly decreases time to crouch/stand up. Stacks.

Tuba Oil: Valve oil from when Jordan was still in band. Why does he still even have this? - Slightly increases crouching speed.

Dad's Cigarettes: A memento of his family, he was a heavy cigarette addict. Jordan hated that. - Slightly increases the chance of inflicting statuses.

Jordan's Lunch Bag: A lunch bag adorned with the Denver Broncos logo. One of his favorite teams, despite knowing nothing about football. - Slightly decreases missed attack cooldown.


Retro Disc: A disc used for the Wii. A slightly modern Legend of Zelda game. The disc seems to be scratched. - Slightly increases the time needed for Survivors to expose you. Stacks.

Jordan's Clarinet: Jordan's first real musical instrument. All the reeds are damaged, but the actual parts are still in good condition. - Moderately increases crouching speed.

Persona Mask: Jordan had ordered a Phantom Thieves edition of Persona 5 Royal. This came with the package. - Moderately increases the chances of inflicting statuses.

Wolf Plushie: Jordan's favorite plush. The ribbon around its neck seems to have been torn by claws... - Moderately decreases missed attack cooldown.


Retro Cartridge: A cartridge for the original Nintendo DS. Seems to be for a game called Monster Tale. - Moderately increases recharge rate of Cunning Beast. Stacks.

Full Pizzadilla: An upgraded version of a quesadilla, this saucy twist has all eight slices. - Moderately decreases time to crouch/stand up. Stacks.

Sister's Violin: A memento of his family, she made him jealous that her school district had an orchestra class and his didn't. - Considerably increases crouching speed.

Mom's Scissors: A memento of his family, he still remembers the way she used to nag him about getting haircuts. - Considerably increases the chances of inflicting statuses.

Gaming Controllers: Green and pink Joy-Cons, a red Wii Remote and a gray camo Dualshock 4. Enough said. - Moderately increases the time needed for Survivors to expose you. Stacks.


Nitro Disc: A PS4 disc. Seems to be for Persona 5 Royal. - Tremendously increases time needed for Survivors to expose you. Stacks.

Red Mug: A red mug that Jordan purchases at his favorite Lutheran camp. - Considerably decreases the time to crouch/stand up. Moderately decreases missed attack cooldown. Stacks.

Synthesizer Program Box: A box labeled with the Steinberg/Cubase emblem. Jordan bought the program in hopes to write his own music. - Tremendously increases crouching speed. Stacks. Increases Cunning Beast's Terror Radius to 16 meters.

Jordan's Cell Phone: An old Moto G7 Power. Still has all his apps and downloaded music. - Tremendously increases the chances of inflicting statuses.

Cherished Board Game: A 2015 edition of Clue(do). Apparently a few YouTubers are what got him back into the game. - Kicking a Generator makes all Survivors suffer from the Oblivious status effect for 60 seconds, no matter what other statuses they may have. If already afflicted, this add-on resets the timer.


Nitro Cartridge: A cartridge meant to be used on the Nintendo Switch. The game seems to be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. - Considerably increases recharge rate of Cunning Beast. Stacks.

Morphosephram - The forbidden book. This book describes how to become a werewolf, vampier or shapeshifter. Provided Jordan the necessary steps to his lycanthropy. - Reduces Cunning Beast's Terror Radius to 0. Attack pallets with your powerful lunge attack to smash them.


Bio: "Misty Longmire is Jordan's favorite cousin, despite her relationship actually being his younger second-cousin. She is the second heir to the Longmire Diamonds, which were found in a mining town not far from where she lived. Her older sister, Lexi, is the current rightful heir to the diamonds. When she found out, she was pretty furious, so she decided to call her cousin Jordan to schedule a nasty prank for her. But when he didn't answer his phone after 5 call attempts, she knew something had gone very, very wrong.

"She eventually flew in to his home in the US to try and look for him. What she found instead was an open black book... and his entire family as rotting corpses. Fearing for not only her safety but his as well, she decided to pursue the matter further. Eventually she found an article in the papers about how he was headed to Red Forest, which was all the way back in Europe..."

In-game Description: A headstrong Survivor, hell-bent on finding her cousin Jordan, who disappeared on her. Her personal Perks, Ritual Buster, Restoration, and Calming the Beast, allow her to cleanse Totems faster and restore ways to escape the Killer.

Difficulty: Easy

Ritual Buster (Perk) - You will do whatever it takes to bring them back. You must get it done, no matter the cost.

Cleansing a Totems goes faster. Your cleansing speed is increased by 10%/15%/20% for Dull Totems and 5%/10%/15% for Hex Totems.

"Jordan... I'm sorry too... I know how much you wanted it, but it must be done... I need to break your curse." ~Misty Longmire

Restoration (Perk) - That damaged pallet will get you nowhere. It's time for a little repair work.

Take 40/35/30 seconds to restore a broken pallet. This time can be shortened with any toolbox by a max of 5 seconds.

"Get real, Misty, that'll never happen. Not until you prove that you're more efficient at working tirelessly like Daddy." ~Alexis Longmire

Calming the Beast (Perk) - There is something soothing about your presence. Nobody seems to want to be limited when in your presence.

If any window or similar vault space has been blocked off by the Entity, staying in an 18 meter radius of the vault space will calm the Entity and restore the vault space 3/4/5 seconds faster. Stacks by 0/0/1 second if other Survivors are running this Perk, even if they are nowhere near you or the vault space.



Body - White Fur Lining (A fur color meant to reflect on the hair color that Jordan inherited. Thanks, element of Dark Matter...)

Top - Fire and Ice (With one red eye and one blue eye, each eye represents one side of him - lycan and human.)

Pendant - Cherished Pendant (A pendant that Jordan bought cheaply at his local zoo. Not even he knows what it is. Is it a fang or a claw?)


Head - Misty (Misty's classic look. What else can we really say?)

Torso - Longmire Diamond Mines Tee (A rather chintzy present from her father after he founded the mines.)

Torso - Casual Friday (Misty's favorite shirt. Proudly bears the infamous shirt meme. "NOPE. NOT TODAY.")

Bottom - Studded Bell Bottoms (Her mother used to wear these bell bottoms before she passed in 2015. Since then, her father had sewn small diamond pieces into them, making for a glamorous look.)

Bottom - Casual Training Slacks (Misty always had a thing for keeping in shape. She thinks of these as her workout pants.)



And that's it. If there's anything that looks imbalanced, let me know! Tell me what you think, too!


  • Narri_LNarri_L Member Posts: 5

    Dammit, I forgot the Achievements!

    Hindered Warriors - Inflict a total of 100 status conditions on Survivors with The Lycan's power, Cunning Beast.

    Teabagging Back - Crouch as a Killer a total of 500/1000 times. This must be done with the Pig, Ghost Face or Lycan. (The 1000 is for PC users, since they have it tougher when it comes to certain achievements.)

    Diamonds Are Forever - Repair the Generator in the conservatory of the Longmire Manor and live to tell the tale.

    Modern Cultist - Repair the Generator within the Bestial Shrine/Shrine of the Beasts and live to tell the tale.

    And then your traditional Adept achievements, because why wouldn't they be in there?

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