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Object of Obsession rework idea

Ok so most people understand how problematic Object of Obsession is as a perk. Firstly, it gives far too much information to a player who is also likely packing a huge chase/survivability build and just wants to taunt the killer all game with their presence. It screws over killers like Trapper and Hag whose traps are reveled to a survivor who can break them all game, and mobile killers who can be seen coming from miles away, as well as basically everyone else by giving the survivor a huge heads up. Additionally the perk is hugely troublesome for survivor with friends, as it allows one player to force the killer to tunnel them, or they direct their team to safe points on the map while the killer attempts to play around it. The perk simply has too much power in dictating the entire course of the match.

So in order to maintain that same nature of "You see me, but I see you," while keeping it much fairer, here's my idea for a completely reworked concept:

Object of Obsession:

When your aura is revealed to the killer, their aura is also revealed to you. While you are the obsession, the aura reading for both you and the killer lasts 30/40/50% longer.

This would allow survivors to determine which aura reading abilities the killer has. It would also allow them to counterplay killer aura reading by knowing exactly when they are revealed and when the effect ends.

As the Obsession it would maintain the nature of the killer seeing that you are gaining important information by leaving your aura exposed for longer. Granting both an increased insight for you, as well as a potential risk factor of being the obsession.

It would allow for better combination with perks like Distortion, allowing you multiple long instances of aura reading, as well as still working in tandem with Sole Survivor to eventually give you an outright advantage.


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