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So Devs... What Happened To Console Optimization?

So after a month of my friends asking me to play the PS4 version of dbd with them for old times sake (I moved to PC about a year ago) I finally caved in and holly s*it this is probably one of the worst ports of a video game I have ever seen. Every update seems to make the games frames even more horrendous. I played 10 matches with them and I kid you not it felt like I was playing an early PS3 game. Half the time while trying to evade the killer I ended up stuttering into a wall. Killers like Doctor, Oni and Demo are stuck at 15 FPS. Bloodlust causing the frames to dip to 0. Sensitivity being super low (though I know they are looking into this). I get that most of the player base are PC players but consoles do have quite a large player base too believe it or not.

If the devs are considering cross platform then they need to sort the performance of the console versions first. Can you imagine a PC player going up against a player who drops below 30fps 50% of the time?

Instead of adding buttloads of cosmetics and releasing DLC how about you spend a month or two doing the following 2 things?

  1. Fix the countless amounts of bugs in this game
  2. Improve console performance before it drops to PS1 performance

Believe it or not but this is not an attack, I personally love this game and I just want to see it improve. Too many games that I loved failed because the devs would focus on the wrong thing and I don't want the same to happen to dbd. :)


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