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The Archives - Tome Challenges

Maj33yMaj33y Member Posts: 225
edited December 2019 in General Discussions

Hello , hope you're having a Good day !

Now with Tome I already out and we've had a little taste of what's to come .

I can say that some of these challenges are done in a Rush .

I know the first level of the tome is supposed to be introductory , but going Forward Level 2 seem to be fair and doable but as Level 3 came out it has many unfeasible challenges that even players like me who play the game regularly can not complete them in a legitimate way .

Especially the ones where you have to do multiple in a single Match .

I know Level 3 had been tuned down in a Hot patch Fix . But still a few challenges were too overwhelming .

So I hope going forward you'll take these points under consideration .

Diversity - Challenges are Repetitive e.g ( Catch 4/5 Survivors in Bear traps )

Include Rank in the Equation .

Red Rank Survivors won't fall in bear traps easily , killers would avoid breaking pallets if they see you have a flashlight etc .

Avoid Toxicity, Challenges impact the Way the community play.

Most of the challenges esp killer side like Basement hooks , escaping without being hooked etc so Think how you want to influence people playstyle pushing players to do their best without being toxic to others and have a sense of achieving something.

Make Reasonable and fair challenges .

Challenges that Require a set number of things like Blinding the killer 5 / 8 times in a single match are just too much unless you play vs a Rank 20 with low IQ / AFK or Farming . So think it through based on the community capabilities . Also only few Emblem challenges . Why not have stuff like .

○ Attain 100 % Generator Fix in a Single trial

○ Attain 100 % Generator Defense in a single trial .

○ Cleanse a total of 3 totems in a Single trial .

○ Complete a Trial with 1/2 totem at least left . (Killer)

○ Have 10 / 20 / 30 % killer Diversion .

○ attain 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 % Chases won as Survivor .

○ Win a total of 30/50/ 100 % Chases as Killer .

And so on .

Include the whole community

Some Games would have Bonuses / Daily Ritual or challenges for DLC content bear in mind that not all players own DLC characters especially the more casual or those who don't have much time so don't leave them out .

Thank you for Reading this far and sorry for the long post . :D

P.S edited Typos.


  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 376
    edited December 2019

    As someone who has collected all lore notes it definitely threw a few games here and there. I think I'm purple rank now due to it lol.

    Dunno if that was fair to the other players but I had to do what I had to do.

    Hopefully tome 4 isn't too bad. I want the revelation notes and will focus on them hard.

  • VoodooChildVoodooChild Member Posts: 319

    I threw so many games because of how dumb some of the challenges were, like getting a flashlight save. It wouldn't be so bad if you could do them all at once but since you have to pick them why would you not be trying to do what you just picked? If they were all active at once you could wait for a situation to happen naturally in a game but since they dont....

  • Mrwood204Mrwood204 Member Posts: 226

    People do it for achievements too, so it isnt a new thing.

    I'm curious as to what the 4th level will look like, I'm pretty sure it's out in a few days.

  • kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 141

    @Maj33y There definitely need to be some changes. However, I don't think you thought all of your ideas through completely.

    Too many of the challenges you suggest rely entirely on the opposing side/luck. For instance, you cannot possibly play to win a match and defend your totems as killer. Getting that challenge done would mean you threw the match or got lucky. Also as killer you cannot completely control whether one generator is done or not. This would rely on the survivors screwing up, or the killer just getting lucky. The same goes for breaking three totems. You cannot stop your team from breaking them, and what if they are also working on the same challenge? There are only five totems, so if even ONE survivor besides yourself is working on that challenge one of you won't get it done. This is a perfect example of why players are throwing matches and ruining the game. A survivor sees that you are breaking a totem and they will run to killer and die or just DC because they can't progress their challenge and want a new match to try again.

    I think that most of the single match challenges need to be changed to cumulative match challenges.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 376

    I will say I did learn a lot during the tome. I used to think flashlights were strong and was in the Franklin's and lightborn group but thinking back I can't think of the last time I've been blinded outside of pallets.

    If you're trying for flashlight saves you're not on a gen. Fear of flashlights gone. Now toolboxes worry me.

    I'm a ds/borrowed/alert/self care solo though. The gen is my home and none shall separate me from it. Exit gates in 5 minutes go go!

  • RevansithRevansith Member Posts: 361

    I would have like to have seen challenges using unique perks only like Adept, but lower the need to 4K and appease the entity for killer because I heard that adepting a killer is a pain.

  • Maj33yMaj33y Member Posts: 225


    Yes those Were just examples and What I could think of , not necessarily with the same amount .

    They're actually possible to do but you're right some of them I didn't think them through as well like the totem one . I only based it on the possibility of completion since most Survivors do not cleanse totems . But did not take Survivors with the Perk Inner Strength and if Two were trying to do it at the same time odds under consideration . So it's gonna be based on luck .

    However I do disagree with you on Gen Protection and Fix Percentage it'd mean as Killer you have to kick Gens a lot . Doing whatever you can to stop gens from being repaired . For New players it will be hard but definitely possible . The percentage is not how many generators are left but How much damage you did to them and I said this because many killer players in streams i've watched pass by Loud generators and ignore kicking them .

    As Survivor you have to fix Generators . and again most Survivors gen Rush so the percentage can not be as high as killer challenge .

    So personal effort does have presence in the example challenges above unlike Having 5 Players fall in bear traps if you're in purple and Red Ranks then you might as well kiss the challenge goodbye .

    Note : I did complete Level 3 of the Tome but had a Hard time with two .

    Sacrificing 2 players after end game collapse it was a pain to do . So if the number increases next level or so I wouldn't be able to do it . But i did it legitimately

    5 players to fall in bear traps . I had to ask survivors to fall in my traps in exchange to their escape but I didn't enjoy it cause there's no sense of achievement . But I wanted those Blood points desperately .

  • kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 141

    @Maj33y I see, your percentages were confusing me. You meant finish a total of one gen as survivor in a match, and break/damage a total of one gen in a match. Those are definitely possible, though the killer one would be difficult without some great damage perks.

    I also had trouble with the NOED sacrifices during endgame collapse. I hate waiting for the chance that they might escape so I always ended up with too many dead survivors by EGC to complete the challenge. That's why I decided to just wait until EGC to even try this. Another perfect example of challenges ruining games. Those survivors thought I was AFK/not playing while I wait for NOED and EGC. Twice they just left, and it just took luck in the third game for me to get two stuck at the unopened door and down them both. It wasn't fun relying on luck and possibly throwing those matches while waiting for EGC.

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