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Playing survivor felt awful this last week

I played many games this last week, and it's gotta be the worst week of DBD survivor i've ever had.

I play each role about 50/50, and I am really trying to finish the survivor challenges in tome level 3, but it seems like survivors were given challenges that are much much harder than the killer ones. At the very least, the hard ones were put at the beginning of the tome level.

I am trying to complete the second survivor challenge (safely unhook 1 survivor during the end game collapse) and I still haven't done it, because I play solo and it's a hard challenge to do anyway.

I have even set my steam name as "need1EGCsave" and I still haven't gotten it, because either a) the killer will tunnel me first, b) the killer goes AFK once the EGC starts, or c) my teammates will steal my unhook right in front of me, even though I tell them beforehand that I need it, AND my name clearly says I need it.

The killers I have encountered were either really bad at the game, even though they were at red ranks, or they played really scummy and were total jerks.


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