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Slow Vaults Shouldn't Exist

Slow vaults have been added into the game a while back, and ever since then us survivor mains have been needlessly suffering more.

I'm more than sure the only reason they were added was to nerf loops. Though even though that was it's intended purpose it's not what it's been used for.

Since the slow vault animation is so slow, since you get sucked back to the window after you'd vaulted it, and since we know that if you're too close to the window you'll get hit, it basically guarantees a free hit for the killer.

If you round a corner and vault a window and the killer can't predict that then they don't deserve that hit. But of course they get it, thanks to the slow vault.

There should honestly the a perk that completely removes slow vaults or something, make me use up a perk slow, I don't care! As long as the slow vaults are no more!



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