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Stacking perks - multiple instances

You’ve been given the power (survivor or killer) to run multiple instances of the same perk in your build. What 4 do you run? (Can be 2 & 2, 3 & 1 whatever)

ex: 4 bbq = 400% bonus blood points

4 sprint burst = 12 second speed boost

Feel free to explain how they would work...



  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,704

    Imagine old remember me x4, that would be quite something!

  • MonlythMonlyth Member Posts: 510

    I immediately thought of this song when I imagined that:

    Personally, I'd either use Monitor and Abuse (Zero terror radius- I can be a stealth Killer while not actually playing a stealth Killer, then have a gigantic terror radius that confuses the hell out of survivors when the chase starts), Thanatophobia (16% slowdown for every injured Survivor would be nothing to scoff at), or Fire Up (16% increased action speed for every completed generator).

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414
    edited December 2019

    Monitor and abuse for 0 meter terror radius on any killer. And a 64 meter terror radius while in a chase.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104
  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104

    Though as survivor I might try 4 Saboteurs. Shred through hooks and they stay gone for a while.

  • dont_ask_me_againdont_ask_me_again Member Posts: 490

    4 lullaby totems to make it viable.

  • arslaNarslaN Member Posts: 1,936

    4 Decisive strikes. Lasts for 4 minutes and stuns the killer for 20 seconds.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    I would probably stack nurses calling. Aura reading for healing in a 96m radius? Hell yeah.

  • ruler33ruler33 Member Posts: 244

    bqq and chili just so i can get 400% extra blood points i mean i would be able to level killers and survivors so fast it would be insane also aura reading is good to.

  • wladimiiirwladimiiir Member Posts: 138
    edited December 2019

    4 x Discordance (so I know on which generator multiple survivors were working 48 seconds ago)

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    Meh, I'd rather down someone, open the gates and let EGC kill everyone with a 4 minute long blood warden.

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609

    4 Mad grits, so if I hit someone the wiggle pauses for 12 secs

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 995

    4 times haunted grounds :D

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609

    Make your choice, 240 seconds of purely tunnelling one guy

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,699
    edited December 2019

    4x Stbfl = Machine gun build v 2.0!

  • ZixologyZixology Member Posts: 1,062

    You're reminding me of the OG Machine Gun build... Gives me flashbacks

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,305

    @bkillerc just saying, 4 Sprintburst would be 20 sec of 300% boost

    @Satelit just don't dash into a wall, or you get stuck for 4 seconds XD

    @Peasant that would make him a new nurse I guess XD warp insanely far and then probably miss because of lack of control and get an evil stun XD

    I would like to test several things. Some meme and some for OP

    1 Kindred + 3 Open Handed: 40m Killer aura reading :D

    4 Botany knowledge: Gimme that medkit, I refill it

    4 Resilience: 36% Speed on everything? Wanna see the vaulting animation

    Any exhaustion perk + 3 Vigil

    3 Agitation + 1 Mad Grit = 36% above normal speed

    Would 4 Tinkerer trigger on 40% progress and suppress TR for 48sec? XD

    3 Corrupt Intervention + Whispers: All gens blocked for 6 Minutes

    4 Stridor on Doctor XD

    4 Thanas on Legion with Legion Pin *ewww*

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