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Music Is A Escape (Jeff Johansen fan art)

VammatarVammatar Member Posts: 88

[Small appreciate post]

Jeff is my absolute favorite character in Dead By Daylight! I love his back story, but what I love even more is the same interest and hobbies we have. He's just a big Teddy Bear and I love him so much! 

 My favorite skin I like to use is his Black Metal one and not just because the way it looks. I like to scare my friends with him, and their reactions are always priceless. 

 I already bought a shirt of his from the DBD official shop, and I was about to buy another new one of his, but it's no longer on the website which got me bummed. Hopefully the shop will come out with more cool merch for him and I will get it in time. I can't wait for new skins they will come up with as well!


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