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Hag gets stuck in a gen, breaking it.

SmifflesSmiffles Member Posts: 2

I have repeatedly got stuck in a gen, while I am breaking it for the digression. It has happened every match so far and it is very bad.


  • EsperiaeEsperiae Member Posts: 47

    This seems to be affected most if not all killers. Only way I have gotten out was to smack a survivor.

  • meeshomeesho Member Posts: 5

    Same thing keeps happening to me. I've gotten stuck about 4 times now. One time a survivor allowed me to hit them and I teleported away. (didn't press teleport. It just made me teleport to one of my traps) The other times, I just stayed stuck the entire match while the survivors ignored me and did gens. Makes me not want to play killer anymore honestly. An ocassional glitch, I can understand, but this is happening in almost every match.

  • meeshomeesho Member Posts: 5

    It just happened again. I'm done playing killer until this is fixed.

  • TurretcubeTurretcube Member Posts: 176

    As stated all killer's are affected. Note, there is a noticeable shift in the camera when this bug is going to happen if you look for it, to avoid getting stuck just cancel the animation, re-position and try again.

    If you do get stuck, hitting a survivor or getting stunned will snap the camera back to the model, the bug causes the model and the camera to basically detach, you can't see the model but it is moving around the map still from all input's. The model cannot harm survivors, only where your camera is can you harm them.

    Doesn't matter which side you kick, i thought it was the short sides but from what other people are posting it's just rng.

  • NeoxayNeoxay Member Posts: 1

    The same thing happens to me when i play Legion. Makes me want to quit playing all together.

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