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Idea for reworking keys

MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 138
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Disclaimer -- Yes, I think Moris need to be changed too and would be happy if Moris and Keys are reworked at the same time.

Now, my idea -- What if instead of keys being used to open the hatch, they were used to unlock a special chest and in that chest was something special. 


(3 possible ideas)

1. Top quality items -- a Ranger medkit, an Engineers toolbox, a Rainbow map and a Utility flashlight, possibly with add-ons as well. 

2. Unique items that cannot be brought into the trial or taken out of it 

Examples -- An item that cleanses all status effects and an item that grants brief invisibility 

Thanks @NuclearBurrito for the ideas

3. A Tier 3 perk 

Choose from 1 of 3 random perks in the chest


When you unlock the special chest, your key is used up. You then select 1 of the items or perks inside and once you do, the chest closes and is locked again.

This special chest could either be permanently in the basement or hidden somewhere on the map. I’m not sure which would be better.

It could be neat to have it permanently in the basement because if the killer sees you’ve brought a key, then they would know you want to go into the basement at some point in the trial, making getting the item more difficult.

However, it could also be neat to have the special chest hidden somewhere on the map as it would mean survivors would have to search for it.

What do you guys think?

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  • Prex91Prex91 Member Posts: 271

    Key for special chests is a goof idea. With purple items in it maybe.

  • yandere777yandere777 Member Posts: 685

    What's the point in keys then? Sounds to me like the random items in bp webs but you need to play to get the item

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,005

    It would need to be special items only accessible via that special chest, and not just normal items you can find on the blood web.

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 576

    All key tiers would be able to unlock the chest. Milky glass would affect using the key and use the addon instead.

    Keys should also be put into the special chest drop table, since all items are in normal chest. This chest just guarantees rarity.

    Not everyone uses them for a quick escape unless they're found in game by chance of luck. But i'm not sure if i'm Ok with not being able to use it on the hatch. Too many times i've been able to use a key to survive a really toxic game that most people DC from.

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,532
    edited December 2019

    *"Where did they go? Achievement" has entered the chat*

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 6,643

    Hmmm, now this is getting interesting. That could be a cool idea.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 138

    That sounds cool! Any idea what the item(s) could be?

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 138

    Well, the point of the keys would be, in addition to the aura reading before you use the key to get the special item, you're able to get the right tool for the job so if you're going up against the Hag, you can get a flashlight, against the Trapper, a map, against the Plague, a toolbox, etc.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,005

    Maybe powerful one use consumables? Here's a list of suggestions, I'm sure we can work out which ones could actually work:

    * Item that instantly progresses an exit gate by 50% after a skill check

    * Item that permanently speeds up progress on the target generator by a bit (Survivors working on the gen get the buff, not just you)

    * Item that cleanses all statuses

    * Item that grants very brief invisibility

    I'm sure we could come up with more. The fact that you need the initial time and charges investment keeps whatever we come up with in check.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,005

    This could actually replace both of the Key's current functions, and have Survivor/Killer tracking be a possible item from the chests. It could be:

    • Keys have X charges, probably like 2-5
    • You may consume a charge to open any chest at a faster than normal rate to get a random special item
    • Once you have the item you can use it, once it runs out you can reuse the key so long as you have charges. The item is overlayed over the key and does not cause you to drop the key

    Broken Key:

    • 1 charge
    • Increases chest opening speed by 100%

    Dull Key:

    • 2 charges
    • Increases chest opening speed by 50%

    Skeleton Key:

    • 4 charges
    • You may see chest auras withing 24 meters


    • Addon set that guarantees a specific item
    • Addon set that further increases chest opening speed
    • UR addon that acts as a chest offering
    • Addon that spawns you with one of the special items
    • The white ward addon
  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 138

    Oh, great ideas! Your add-on and key reworks are very good.

    I especially like the cleanses all statuses.

    Here's one more: Body Armor: Reduces damage from attacks that remove 2 health states by 1. The Body Armor is destroyed after one of these attacks.

    Lastly, what do you think of this -- Instead of items, what if the special chest had 3 random Tier 3 perks inside it, and you could select one, and it added it to your HUD, so you'd get to play with 5 perks for the rest of the match. I think this could be amazing. 

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,005

    That could be a bit too game breaking, if we want a perks effect we can just turn it into an item with a similar effect instead.

  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110

    I really wish you guys would stop asking for everything fun to be nerfed into the ground. There is nothing wrong with having a few OP items. They are ultra rare items for crying out loud. Stop trying to create Bored by Daylight. Overbalanced is boring.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 138

    You might be right; however, I don't see how having 1 extra perk would break the game. You still need to bring a key, meaning no ultra rare map, toolbox, med-kit or flashlight, and find the special chest. Plus, it would keep keys unique and powerful, without giving users a free escape if they find the hatch. 

    Either way -- special items or an extra perk -- I'm on board with your idea of keys granting access to items you cannot bring into a match to make them more interesting.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,005

    Let me rephrase:

    Having it just give ANY perk could be broken. That's why it makes more sense to instead just make item versions of the specific perks that can work, that way we can tweak them as much as needed to ensure it doesn't become a problem.

    That also means we don't have to worry about balancing around potentially getting ANY PERK IN THE ENTIRE GAME. Like imagine getting deja vu or something, that would be terrible. Much better to just have it be items that act a bit like whatever perk we want but turned into an active ability some how.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 2,236
    edited December 2019

    I think the keys are fine as they are in terms of opening the hatch.

    I think the Hatch spawn requirements need to change. Maybe they could tie in a secondary objective to this as an alternate way of escaping, but only when someone has been sacrificed to the entity.

    Right now, there is some skill involved with using keys. First you have to make sure you do +1 gen than the number of survivors alive, and also you have to find it. So I think what they should do is make it so the actual process of finding the hatch is more interactive while also having to complete objectives to open it.

    This would not only (in general) make the games a bit longer, but also spread out objectives amongst survivors. You still need to complete the main objective requirements to unlock this alternate way of escaping.

  • MissBehavingXMissBehavingX Member Posts: 255

    Are you guys seeing a lot of key escapes to even bring this up? in the past months I've only had one survivor leaving via hatch with a key. I have never seen the key as an OP item, at all. I don't minid if I see a survivor bringing one, I don't even care about them and would usually let them burn in the web or not use them. I rarely find myself thinking "I wish I had a key". But hey, maybe it's just me.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 138

    Ok got it. Those are good points. FWIW, that's why I suggested having 3 perks to choose from, that way you wouldn't be stuck with getting Deja Vu. Yes, it would be possible for all 3 random perks to be bad, but it would be far less likely.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 138

    That could be very interesting too. I'd be interested to read anything you could come with on that. Let me know if you do please.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 138

    The last few days, I've had people escape via the hatch with keys before the generators were complete in a few games; although that's not why I'm bringing up a possible change to keys.

    For keys and moris, it's the feeling of powerlessness for the other side.

    Now some argue like @ The_Second_Coming that they are OK because they keep the game fresh. And that is a valid point.

    I recently had a game against a Demogorgon with an Ebony mori on Shelter Woods and our team was able to repair the 5 gens and get 2 survivors out with 2 survivors, including me, getting moried. But it felt like a victory since the deck was stacked heavily against us.

    However, in my experience, games with moris and keys are more often frustrating than fun. 

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