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Do a rift challange to lose the game [TOME 4] for the survivors.

As in the title, devs clearly didn't think this through, as the challanges are forcing you to play bad and lose your game. I can make some examples how damaging is it to the game and hopefully developers are going to see it:

Plunder king: Forces you to search 4 chests in one game but since everybody is going to have this challange it's nearly impossibble to do in a single trial. The chests are located everywhere across the map, you're losing time to do this challange since nobody is going to do their objectives correctly.

Fight back: You need to stun a killer 4 times in a single game. I can already see pallet wasting players in my games since the challange is impossible if you're playing normally. 4 pallet stuns playing a normal game is incredibly hard.

Last minute hero: yeah... even borrow time won't save you gamers, the challange depends 100% on luck. You can't get that challange done.

These challenges depends mostly on your luck, not your skill and knowledge of the game. Good luck guys for searching for the chests causing your teams to lose. Everybody already see how damaging are these challanges to the experience of the game.

Why the challenges are not something like:

-Be in a chase for a total of 120 seconds, do it in a single trial.

-Escape a trial repairing 3 generators.

-Get a protection hit 2-3 times in a single trial.

-Reunite with the 2 teamates of your team and do a generator together, do it in a single trial.

I would like to tell you we have 29 days of this rift left and by the time TOME 4 is added, nobody is getting these challenges done.


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