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Freddy 1984 or Freddy 2010 in DBD.

Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,677
edited December 2019 in Polls

This one could be pretty obvious.

Freddy 1984 or Freddy 2010 in DBD. 71 votes

Freddy 1984
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Freddy 2010
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  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,331
    Freddy 1984

    I would have preferred the original version, just because I think he's more intimidating. To me, the Freddy we have kinda just looks like a random guy with a bad skin condition. But I don't mind it so much, since I'm guessing they really wanted the OG Freddy and it was an issue of licensing difficulties more than anything else. If it was a choice between 2010 Freddy and no Freddy at all, it makes sense why we got the chapter we did.

  • TerminatorGuyTerminatorGuy Member Posts: 291
    Freddy 1984

    While I prefer the original as everyone else, I won't take away the fact that Jackie Earle Haley can do an insanely dark version of Freddy very well. He is an underrated actor, but sadly when it comes to the 2010 NOES movie, he got screwed over by a garbo script and bad creative writing decisions. Not to mention, they didn't do too good of a job with Freddy's design and skin.

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,040
    Freddy 1984

    And guess who might be coming back to do another nightmare movie..?

    ;) yep. The legend Robert Englund.

    BHVR should make him a 1984 version of Freddy as a skin at this point lol.

  • Cornpopers_EvanCornpopers_Evan Member Posts: 1,914
    edited December 2019
    Freddy 1984

    I will always take Robert's Freddy over melty cheese face man any day. I should also echo what @GrandpaBill24 said, that I in no way dislike Jackie, in fact, he was easily THE best thing about the remake.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,254
    edited December 2019
    Freddy 2010

    The 2010 version is the only one i have watched

  • ArashiNoHantaArashiNoHanta Member Posts: 53
    Freddy 1984

    Maybe if they manage to get the rights they could give him that big nosed face we love as a cosmetic

  • The_Meh_TehThe_Meh_Teh Member Posts: 136
    Freddy 1984

    Duh, it's 1984 all the way. Scariest slasher franchise man. Keep the Freddy updates coming.

    Would even like to see a John Saxon character in the game.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,139
    Freddy 1984

    Robert England is the ONLY freddy

  • manzarimanzari Member Posts: 49

    None, they both look the same, now if they make outfits for him that were not in the movies like they did for Pig, that would be fun, but honestly I don't see freddy wearing a different outfit, he's always been known with that hat, the claws and the red and black sweater.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,151
    Freddy 1984

    I think most people would want OG Freddy. He had so much character to him and there would've been a lot of good cosmetic ideas for that version...

  • DeKillerKillerDeKillerKiller Member Posts: 547
    Freddy 2010

    [BAD WORD], I misclicked.

    I much prefer Robert Englund's Freddy. As he is much more fun to watch imo. And with rumours there might be a new Nightmare movie with him starring the role of our favourite Fredster again. Oh, I can't wait.

  • manzarimanzari Member Posts: 49

    If you mean the face, You can't except them to add another face as a head piece, and as for the outfit, it's pretty much the same.

  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 218
    Freddy 1984

    1980's Jason obviously. The movies are amazing and you could have Tommy as a survivor. Also imagine all the various possible cosmetics we could have.

  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 63
    Freddy 1984

    I guess only option for original Freddy now would be a skin.

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 419
    Freddy 2010

    Not because i love freddy, not because i've watched the 2010 remake, but because i love modern maps.

  • dfrenchieedfrenchiee Member Posts: 325
    Freddy 1984

    I like old freddy better, but I liked the 2010 movie more as a whole. It was more interesting

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185
    Freddy 1984

    1984 had some [BAD WORD] up lines. If we could have our Freddy on here say some.

  • shardsshards Member Posts: 79
    Freddy 1984

    it's not really a matter of life or death for me tbh. original freddy had more personality than the 2010's one. 2010 looks kind of funny in game and the movie wasn't great either. thanks for quentin i guess

  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 360

    Original freddy would provide nice outfits and weapons and Johny Depp should be trown in the survivors too... then why not a jack sparrow outfit? Ok The last one wouldn't make much sense but would definatly be cool :)

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,180
    Freddy 1984

    Watch Robert Englund Freddy, he's funny AND scary.

    2010 Freddy has haha a bit of a few laughs but he's a joke and I don't take that movie as serious nor canonical.

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