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I think Wraith needs a nerf

I've been playing wraith a lot recently at rank 1, i am 4k'ing literally every game and he is dominating it seems, I think he needs a nerf because other killers might start catching on and he will become a meta killer. He should be nerfed now before he really starts to over-preform. What I think would be a good nerf idea is if his addons were nerfed, many of them stack and can lead to downright broken combinations if played correctly, plus he has wallhack addon which literally have no drawback, if his addons were nerfed I think that would make him a LOT more balanced as playing against him as survivor unless you are running spine-chill honestly you stand very little chance against a good wraith. This is honest feedback I hope BHVR can take into consideration, please any thoughts and comments are appreciated.



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