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Christmas Sweaters for killers

Majestic_HermanMajestic_Herman Member Posts: 285
edited December 2019 in General Discussions

Please, please, please. I would absolutely love it! Imagine it!

Trapper in a stretched out ripped Christmas Sweater that has little bear traps on it

Wraith with his little bell

HillBilly with a chainsaw and a bottle of moonshine on his back (Thompson's moonshine.)

Nurse with bandages and pill bottles all over the sweater

Huntress with hatchets and shiny military pins

Hag with little dead survivors or tiny organs

It's cute and really stupid. But, in all honesty, I would buy one for everyone. If you somehow got sweaters for license killers (I highly freaking doubt that.) It would be amazing. IMAGINE PIGS OR MYERS OR LEATHERFACE

What killer would you choose for a Christmas Sweater?


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