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Why do the devs wait for people to buy DLC before nerfing it?



  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912

    too make more money? just what they did with MoM etc.

  • MurcielagoMurcielago Member Posts: 163

    It's simple just wait to see the nerfed killer before buying you don't have to buy it on release

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,803

    the fact they even thought MoM was a good idea is a joke

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241

    Ash and MoM are the perfect example. All players bought Ash and after 2 months; they butchered MoM to the ground. All planned from the beginning.

  • imlegionimlegion Member Posts: 62

    And from a dev herself you have it what killer is intentionally suppose to turn faster than billy quit getting mad about a exploit you clearly were abusing and blaming people and the dev team for your terrible matches you win some you lose some that’s how it goes get over it

  • imlegionimlegion Member Posts: 62

    Yeah but dead by daylight is not obligated to refund you as you just said they have a time limits and honestly this ain’t the first time so why would you be surprised it happened again we all know killers get nerfed after they hit console because the console player base dosnt get a input from the PTB considering we don’t get access so yeah when a large number of people ######### he’s too strong the nerf comes sorry you guys need a exploit to win how fair is it that your running so fast and you can just whoop 180? No that should have never been allowed the nerf is a balance nothing more nothing less

  • FruityMemesFruityMemes Member Posts: 55

    I'm so tired of threads that complain about a single nerf so a killer because seriously this doesn't kill the character at all. If m2 was just for movement and they removed the damage of it altogether it still would be pretty good because his m1 is pretty easy to hit in the rage. And honestly playing against the m2 sometimes feels pointless like it shouldn't be easy to use in the first place so it's fine tbh

  • tortradertortrader Member Posts: 510

    The most fun you will have with a Killer DLC is immediately following it's release, before any changes are made. But these fixes were fast.

  • BushetteLyfeBushetteLyfe Member Posts: 27

    Okay so I actually made this account just to ask if there were any plans to fix Oni's terrible dash turn.. And I was right. Though I agree that if he has a bug you don't just wait 2 weeks after to fix it that's bait and switch so to speak. Though I am glad because even at 18/17 every Oni killer used the fast spin and killed most of the survivors. Most can't do the full 180 but it's enough to basically wreck the teams. Not saying that the survivors were good they weren't, but the bug was so easily exploited that every game I played with Oni they exploited something that you can't exactly counter unless your able to hide or vault etc. From 18 to 11 every single Oni I have faced exploited. But yes it's bait and switch.. But at this point don't we just expect for the overpowered killers to get a few weeks to a month of being crazy so they can sell more of the DLC? Because I do.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 4,189

    I...what? The crux of what I said was: if they knew that the intended state was essentially far from what would be advertised on the PTB and actual initial release, they should have delayed the PTB and release. Did you mean to reply to someone else?

  • beatddbbeatddb Member Posts: 532

    I agree. Oni is a fun character to play as, but it earned more popularity specially at higher ranks because of that flick.

    Devs knew way earlier that he would get nerfed, but if they did it during the PTB it would mean less sales.

    It's not the first time though, it happened with a lot of killers and even survivor perks. Money is money.

    I'm glad I bought it using shards, I have enough to no having to buy a DLC ever again.

  • SafetyOffSafetyOff Member Posts: 68

    Literally was noted that it was a bug. Plus good riddance. Killer is annoying af and just slugs survivors all day at 10000% MS. Busted killer. Cant even hide csusd the dumb blood mechanic.

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,803

    judging by the statements the dev's have made the controls on PC are not working as intended anymore, mouse control was meant to be unchanged but it is clearly not by anyone who has played him

  • imlegionimlegion Member Posts: 62

    As mentioned I don’t like dead by daylight on pc I’m better on console than pc so to me anything that involves pc I don’t really care about tbh

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968
    edited December 2019

    And when the devs nerfed MoM people got upset but they never stopped playing him or refunded the DLC. You people are so selfish and greedy.

  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912
  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,865

    *Laughs in Mettle of Man*

  • DanteMorelloDanteMorello Member Posts: 142

    It just never stops, doesn't it.

    People who do not read patch and release notes complaining about stuff in an ignorant way.

    PTB literally means Public TEST build.

    It is common in every game that has a PTB server, that everything you see there is still able to change. And often it changes radically.

    It was a bug to begin with and it was noted so in the initial PTB release. It was transparent and clear that it will change.

    Sometimes to fix a bug it is helpful to collect more bug reports under real circumstances.

    All your complaining can be broken down to you guys not being able to read and your ignorance towards game design patterns.

    Aside from this bug people like you always complain with every damn change there is that did not work in favour of that one character you like and I experience it in EVERY competitive game. It doesn't matter to you if nerfs are justified. It doesn't matter to you if win rates are getting out of hand and the nerf is needed. People like you don't give a ######### about the game. You only want to nourish your narcissism.

    That things are released stronger rather than weaker already got explained to you by somebody else, but again you only read what you want to read to not disturb your premature childish narcissistic rage.

    So again: In most competitive games these days things get released stronger rather than weaker, because it is easier this way and takes less man hours to fix and is therefore faster and beneficial towards everybody. It is not about grabbing money.

    That it is especially hard to balance things in DbD should not be a surprise to you vegetables, because it is asynchronous.

    And no I am not "white knighting" the devs.

    I am just giving you facts and telling you that you behave like little ignorant children and that it annoys me!

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    They only want things for themselves. They don't care what happens to the other side of the game.

  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912

    i never understood ppl who only played one side. you are missing half of the game. also you will never become really good if you dont learn how the other side plays.

  • crabbycanuckttvcrabbycanuckttv Member Posts: 35

    Ok and what about the Xmas sweaters.....not very nice to lock the best ones behind the paywall....at Christmas....not very Canadian or community orientated. The sweaters were my last straw, no more .....your sales team is disgusting.

  • Seangar1Seangar1 Member Posts: 9

    I don't think you understand the point of the Player TEST Build. It's just a beta for new killers and perks to find any issues. If you want them to release new stuff all shinny and ready then you'll just have to wait until release date.

  • Thanatos_xThanatos_x Member Posts: 201

    It's literally self explanatory my guy, and you explained it yourself lol

    They wouldn't make as much money if they released an unfun or just straight up bad killer

  • Happy2Heal4YouHappy2Heal4You Member Posts: 119

    The problem with the “ should have read the patch notes” excuse is that it’s like faulting someone for no time reading the terms and services. Most people aren’t going to read that stuff because they’d just want to hop into the actually content. Why didn’t they just address these issues during a showcase of the chapter before it came out like they did with plague, ghost face and Demo? Oh wait! They actually didn’t do that this time for Oni. A showcase would have been a good opportunity to clarify what I said intended with Oni and what isn’t intended.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343

    That's actually a very good metaphor. If people agree to the T&C or EULA without reading them and then later decide that they don't like what they agreed to, that is 100% their own fault for not bothering to find out what they were getting themselves into. They're allowed to not like what they find, but they're not allowed to blame anyone else for not informing them. The same applies when people don't read the patch notes and then complain because they didn't know stuff had changed.

  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535

    I fully understand TEST builds, you however don't understand CUSTOMER SERVICE. What purpose does releasing anything (that is GOING TO CHANGE FOR SURE!) to the public for testing?? Its a lesson in futility.

    What good does it do, except provide a place for people to like how it is now and then be upset that it changed and is completely different upon release.

    And BHVR is on their own release timing, they can choose to release or not. So I'm saying if its not finished , don't release it. Perks will always need a TWEAK here and there, and that's what a test build is for. But the work should be mostly done.

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