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Why don't devs just get rid of Renjiro's Bloody Glove add-on

PeenutsButt3rPeenutsButt3r Member Posts: 680
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A dev previously said you have an option to play the Oni ability or to get information on survivors, it's your choice. So how about a choice of deleting that Oni add-on huh, why would people buy the new Oni killer and then choose not to use his ability for that scrap addon, what kind of logic is this.

If they ask people to make a choice like this, why don't devs have an option to disable that red addon in the bloodweb so players don't have to spend 7k bloodpoint to get that trash out of the way?

I pay money to play the new killer ability and then devs be like if you want to use the addon to get some survivors information you have to sacrifice his ability progress and be a basic M1 killer, doesn't that what bhvr mean? They can even change to 1s I don't care, just don't take away the killer ability.

Tbh it would be a more acceptable change if survivors cannot see blood orbs in the lastest patch and they can roaming around absorbing, sucking blood all they want, no one would complain about that. I never use this addon from the start, but with this change it seems to be easily abused by one side regardless of its function.

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