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It's time for us players to rise up!

ElkElk Member, Trusted Posts: 2,175

Some of us probably have been playing this game for a very long time. We are all hurting in some way or another. In recent Dead by Daylight events, have made some of us feel even more pain than before. The Devs, need to address this matter as soon as possible or we all will be doomed to suffer. It is their fault we are feeling this way! We all need to band together and rise up...

Rise up from our seats, floor or bed and take a break and do some stretches. I know this game is really addicting with the new cosmetics. I am just as guilty. Devs, you do the same So If we don't stop and stretch we will look like this in the future. (The doll on the left, sadly not the handsome guy)

I know it is hard to just stop from playing, but we need to so we can help ourselves.What i mean by Devs fault, was from the amazing Ugly Sweaters Collection. They made it, so good, which is making us play so much!



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