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Looking for other friendly nice people to play with

pemberleypemberley Member Posts: 1,510

Hi! I am Kris but my psn name is jaustengirl. I would love to find other friendly people to play with and idk maybe make friends (and for poops and giggles maybe try for Where Did They Go and mayhaps try to get that elusive platinum. I like completing trophies, I think this would be my 45th plat if completed.)

But yeah, I would love to meet and hang with other friendly and nice people!

Some things about me:

  1. I am a woman in my mid 20s.
  2. I am disabled. I actually just got out of the hospital after having some very painful surgery complications so please bear (rawr!) with me if I’m not the fastest.
  3. I love to read and I LOVE Disney. Beauty and the Beast should have won best picture in 1991 and HoND not making it to Broadway is a CRIME and basically Disney ignoring HoND is a crime in general.
  4. I hate bigotry and people who support and perpetuate it. Please be nice and friendly!
  5. Sure, I like collecting plats but I am far from the best player and I like to play to have fun! Life’s too hard to stress about video games.
  6. I haven’t played since before rank reset, I’m pretty sure I’m a yellow rank now. A low green rank on a good day.

If you’re interested, please send me a friend request @ jaustengirl on ps4 WITH a brief message of greetings and about you. I get a lot of random and spam requests so please let me know you’re not creepy! Thank you!


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